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Bella Schneider

December 14

Filed under Entertainment

The best way to spread krampus fear is to scream loud for all the hear.The imagery for this folklore demon is probably the direct antagonist to the rosy cheeked, cotton bearded, cookie eating, santa claus who enforces operant cond...

Holiday Favorites: Take Our Poll

Makenna Allen, Reporter

December 2

Filed under Entertainment, Showcase

Dear Rock Canyon Students, The holidays can be time of great fun and cheer, It may even be your favorite time of year. If you find yourself in need of activities From baking sweets to spending time with families, Take...

Halloween is a Dying Holiday

Alex Shaffer, Journalist

November 1

Filed under Entertainment, Features, News, Opinion, Showcase

When I was younger I remember standing at a door for five minutes in a line of kids to get candy. Now you ring a doorbell and the reason you are waiting is because the people are scrambling around to see what they can find for the trick-or-treater’s because they didn’t expect any.

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Spooky Phobias

Makenna Allen, Alexis Beck, and Jake Adis

November 1

Filed under Entertainment, Showcase

“Trick or treat!”  It’s Halloween, a time of candy and fun… except for those with a phobia relating to this spooky holiday.  To those affected by phobias, Halloween becomes a terrifying experience. Spectrophobia: ...

Bon.. Bon.. BonFire

Maja Hall, Writer

October 17

Filed under Entertainment

September 29th of 2016, Rock Canyon High School fire science students lit the sky for the night. With Homecoming in a few days, October 1st, Jags all got excited for the annual bonfire to begin. Before the Fire Science students...

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