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Gannon Figueroa ‘24 watches and reacts to the video of Will Smith getting on stage and hitting Chris Rock. The incident happened after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, which prompted Smith to get on stage and hit Rock.
Slapping the Competition: The 94th Oscars
by Ben England and Madison Loucks April 2, 2022

The Oscars this year were a hit! Literally. The 94th Oscars were live-streamed on ABC, March 26. Actresses, actors, and film legends gathered...

There are an assortment of writing contests that are taking place in the near future.
New Writing Contests for 2022
by Danny Curran, Reporter • February 10, 2022
Students cheer at honking cars driving by the protest Feb. 7. After walking laps around the campus, protesters gathered at the intersection of McArthur Ranch Road and Monarch Boulevard for the remainder of the walkout.
Who's The Priority?
by Claire Bauer and Grace Uhrain February 8, 2022
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Photo by: Jack Keough
Inside The Stats (w/ Kishan Vahalia): Key Takeaways from the Madness of March
by Kishan Vahalia, Reporter • April 12, 2022

You print out your NCAA March Madness Bracket, thoroughly deciding who will win each game. You sit back and watch the madness, from the “upsets”...

Graphic Designed by: Kishan Vahalia
Inside The Stats (w/ Kishan Vahalia): Super Bowl 56 is on its Way!
by Kishan Vahalia, Reporter • February 13, 2022

The Cincinnati Bengals will face the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl this Sunday on Feb. 13 at SoFi stadium, L.A., owing to both teams’...

Inside The Stats (w/ Kishan Vahalia): Goodbye TB12
by Kishan Vahalia, Reporter • February 5, 2022

After the leaks, rumors, and gossip, the NFL G.O.A.T. announced his retirement. Tom Brady officially retired after 22 seasons playing with...

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Graphic by: Jack Gianetto
RC Update The Final Update
by Matthew Fink and Jack Gianetto May 9, 2022

Color Into Spring coloring page graphic.
Color Into Spring!
by Sam Jacot, Reporter • March 10, 2022
Films to Look Forward to in 2022
by Abigail Wood, Social Media Manager • January 28, 2022
A graphic introduces orchestra and guitars winter concert.
A Recap of Orchestra's Winter Concert
by Grace Uhrain, Reporter • December 15, 2021
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A graphic introduces the topic of animal testing and its impacts.
Saving Ralph: The Effects of Animal Testing
by Grace Uhrain, Reporter • April 19, 2022

Imagine your sweet and innocent dog "Buddy" being burned, scratched, or poked in a lab. Imagine your cat "Tiger" with hundreds of scars just...

Current Magazine
Two ingredients on a bottle of mouthwash are highlighted to show the prevalence of unhealthy chemicals in self care products.
“Not So Pretty” Docuseries Review: the Hidden Toxins in Your Self-Care Products
by Grace Uhrain, Reporter • July 8, 2022

Picture your morning routine. You take a shower, wash your face and hair, put some lotion on your hands, and maybe some makeup on your face....