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Cofisnozia Causing Panic Throughout the Nation

by Emily Wilson, Reporter

May 15, 2019

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As the outbreak of Cofisnozia continues, students who are still attending school are now being required to take a seminar class on personal hygiene. The seminar includes how to properly wash your hands, how to cover a cough and...

Five Stars for Five Guys Shakes

by Brooke Andel, Reporter

April 8, 2019

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It’s a typical day at school or work, counting down the hours until you can kick back and relax at home, and maybe if you’re lucky and finish all your work before bed watch an episode of that Netflix show that you’re dyin...

Newsies the Musical

Newsies the Musical

March 1, 2019

Student Worth Reduced to a Digit

by Kira Zizzo

February 28, 2019

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Students. Daughters and sons. Freshman. Jaguars. Students, checking their Instagram feed, expecting smiling faces and wholesome content were met with a list ranking attractiveness that stripped away their individuality and persona...

You’ve Met Your Match

by Lily Hansen, Reporter

February 2, 2019

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The Matchomatics paper presents your best statistical matches and/or friends. Students were given the opportunity to find out who they're most compatible with in the school, as wells as find a mystery match. Despite the matching algorithm u...