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Corn Maze Confusion

by Makenna Allen, Reporter

October 17, 2016

The brittle corn crackled all around. I shuddered as I imagined a spooky figure emerging from the faded stalks. Had I stepped by mistake into the haunted version of the 8-acre After Dark Corn Maze at Chatfield Farms? After several minutes of tiptoeing across hard-packed dirt with my “free glow-stick” held defensively in...


by Maja Hall, Reporter

September 19, 2016

      Tis the season for posters full of puns, people walking the halls with flowers plus teddy bears in hand, and Instagrams of cute couples smiling ear to ear. In case you don’t get the point, it’s the time to ask a lucky guy or gal to homecoming! With this year's homecoming theme of Dr.Seuss, it’s bound that you’ll fin...