As students adapt to the quarantine lifestyle, different personality types are present. photo: CDC

Isolation Classification

Find Your Quarantine Personality Type - and Maybe a Chuckle Too

School is closed until April 30 and the Tri-County Health Department has mandated a “stay at home” order that went into effect on March 26. Stuck at home? Bored to death, or maybe you’re living your best life. Quarantine is new for everyone so here is a guide to help you figure out which type of quarantined type you are and how you can stay sane during these historical times. 

Bored to Death

“I’m going to die of boredom.” If those words sound familiar to you, you might just be the bored type in quarantine. After trying all different activities around the house, nothing sounds fun and nothing can satisfy your boredom. You might have even taken to cleaning? If it has gotten that bad here are a few unique suggestions to cure you: Put on a fashion show for your family highlighting the latest quarantine styles by combining your baggy sweatpants with a hoodie and a stylish sweater and busting out your best runway walk. Find a cardboard box and use it to slide down the stairs, but be careful to not get hurt! Selfless doctors and nurses have enough on their hands already. Consider dying your hair, because nothing says quarantine like a quarter-life crisis and striped of pink, turquoise, and neon yellow. Only have small amounts of different colors? Well, the crazier and more colorful hair the better. Or have a dance party with all those old stuffed animals that have been sitting on “the chair” in the corner of your room for years.  


Chicken Nuggets and Cake are Life

It is the constant munching and crunching that gives away these types. Shopping might have just been done yesterday so the pantry and fridge was overflowing to the brim, but now there is almost no food left? That is the aftermath of the overeaters of quarantine. That family pack of Oreos and party size bag of Doritos is either stashed in their rooms or already in their stomachs. They will most likely deny eating so much food but deep in your heart of hearts, you know it was them. Food is their new best friend and who could blame them? If no one is allowed to see their best friend, food seems like a pretty good second option. You are probably the overeater if you are reading this while you devour your 14th snack of the day. 


Hyper and Running 

These are the people that the overeaters watch run by from their window as they sit and munch on a brand new, but now almost gone bag of Skinny Pop popcorn. The exercisers of quarantine never stop moving and you can catch them at any point in the day going for a run or doing workouts at home on their treadmills and Pelotons. Even while watching TV they are working out. From lifting small hand weights throughout their show to running up and down the stairs during commercials, they somehow found a way to take the fun and relaxation out of watching TV. No one knows why all of a sudden these types have decided to become fitness experts but sooner rather than later they are going to need new tennis shoes. You are most likely this type if you have exercised at all today. Even if it’s not excessive, you are still this type because really, who works out otherwise? 


Anxiety Attack 

If you have ever felt the walls closing in because you don’t like being trapped or you get anxious because you can’t see your friends, you might be the anxious type. This is a totally normal feeling as times are hard right now and everything is an adjustment. A few suggestions for you: become a fitness expert so that you can easily run away from all of your problems, drown your worries with food and become an overeater. A little food never killed nobody and a little ice cream certainly never hurt either. Either option is one that will help with the tight feeling in the chest and help escape the anxious feelings. You got this anxious type. It’s hard for now but keeps the mind and body busy and everything will be just fine. If you feel as though you are suffering, do consider making use of the following resources: Our amazing counseling staff and their Mental Health Resources that have set assurances and guidelines outlined in their notice.


What’s a Sleep Schedule? 

If you are reading this at any time past midnight, you are the one with a messed up sleep schedule. This type no longer knows the difference between night and day because every day just blurs together. Naps and Red Bull are their new best friends and they probably don’t respond to text messages until later in the afternoon because they were sleeping all morning. These are the people that everyone worries about. Maybe the quiet of the night is soothing or maybe they think it’s cool to stay up until five in the morning. The world may never know. But that demon that they claimed to see late last night? Oh, don’t worry that is just their lack of sleep causing weird hallucinations. 


No matter what type of quarantine type you are, there are different ways to stay busy and entertained. Don’t forget to practice social distancing, wash your hands, stay healthy, and get creative. 


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