Recent Scores
  • Feb 2 / Varsity Boys BasketballRock Canyon High School - 52, Mountain Vista High School - 62
  • Feb 2 / Varsity WrestlingRock Canyon High School - 60, Rangeview High School - 15
  • Jan 31 / JV WrestlingRock Canyon High School - 24, Valor Christian High School - 21
  • Jan 31 / Varsity WrestlingRock Canyon High School - 42, Valor Christian High School - 32
  • Jan 28 / Varsity HockeyRock Canyon High School - 4, Heritage High School - 8
  • Jan 28 / Varsity WrestlingRock Canyon High School - 8th place, League -
  • Jan 27 / JV HockeyRock Canyon High School - 0, Fort Collins High School - 4
  • Jan 27 / Varsity Girls BasketballRock Canyon High School - 38, ThunderRidge High School - 45
  • Jan 27 / Varsity Boys BasketballRock Canyon High School - 80, ThunderRidge High School - 60
  • Jan 27 / JV Girls BasketballRock Canyon High School - 21, ThunderRidge High School - 38
Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q: How do I get involved with the student newspaper?

A: We recommend you take Journalism I or Photojournalism as electives beforehand to prepare, but it’s not required. You can register for Newspaper when you sign up for classes for next year, and all you’ll need to register for the class is a signature from media adviser Kristi Rathbun, and a recommendation from an English teacher or a current member of our staff. If you don’t have time to officially take the class, we also welcome freelancers! Email us at [email protected] and we can make a plan for your content to get posted, if possible.

Q: Are the newspaper and yearbook the same thing?

A: No. We work closely together – we share our media adviser, equipment, and our classroom – but they are separate classes working on separate projects. Newspaper publishes content on our website and social media accounts continuously throughout the year, and students can work separately or in teams to create anything from written articles and reviews to podcasts, videos, and art, as well as help run the social media, print magazines, and report on events. The yearbook works together as a class to create one large printed yearbook that is published at the very end of the year.

Q: Does anyone actually read the newspaper?

A: Yes! We average between 1,000 and 2,000 website readers in a week, with an average of over 2,500 page views. In the past year, almost 20,000 different users have visited our website. Our Instagram has amassed over 1,300 followers, with about 600 followers on our Twitter. Our print magazines, when published, are also available in room 4113, the library, the main and counseling offices, and other locations. The first two copies are free, and additional copies are available for $2.00 each.

Q: Why isn’t my comment showing up on a story or social media post?

A: If your comment is not showing on the website, we may not have approved it yet, as we have to check each comment before it’s made public. If your comment contains inappropriate content, such as obscenity or comments encouraging illegal acts, it may not be made open to the public. Viewers are welcome to contact us to ask for a comment to be removed or reassessed, and the editorial board will meet to decide. We reserve the right to remove comments if necessary.

Q: Who determines the content published?

A: The Rock operates as an open-forum outlet for student expression. It will not be restrained or reviewed by school officials prior to publication or distribution. Although media teacher and adviser Kristi Rathbun advises the media staff, all content is generated and approved by students. The Rock’s editorial board and responsible student staff members assume complete legal liability for the content of the publication. The Rock and its staff are protected by and bound to the principles of the First Amendment and other protections and limitations afforded by the Constitution and the various laws and court decisions implementing those principles. The Student Press Law Center publishes information about these protections. The Rock also follows Colorado-specific student journalism protections included under the Colorado Student Free Expression Law. Read more on our “About” page.

Q: How regularly does the Rock post?

A: On our website, we do our best to post a few stories weekly. On social media, we do our best to post on our Instagram daily. In addition, we post links to published stories and other announcements on our Twitter. Both can be found at @rcrockmedia. If one week has more news/events, there may be more content than usual. Much of our publication depends on when events are happening and when content from our staff is ready to post.

Q: Does the Rock have a print news magazine?

A: We have had a news magazine for most years in the past. This year, we are working on our transition to mostly online, in the form of our website and social media.

Q: What’s the distribution process like for the print news?

A: When it is published, copies are typically available in room 4113, the library, main and counseling offices, and some English classrooms. The first two copies are free, and additional copies are available for $2.00 each.

Q: How can I get posted or included in the newspaper’s work?

A: See the question below for suggesting coverage. You can also participate in polls and questionnaires posted on our website’s homepage and social media accounts.

Q: How can I suggest coverage for the Rock?

A: You can fill out our form in order to request coverage for a certain event, topic, group, etc. This does not guarantee someone will report on it, but it increases the chances!

Q: How can I request that a story, photo, comment, quote, etc. be taken down from the website or social media?

A: Anyone is welcome to email us at [email protected] with the details of what you request to be removed and why. See our take-down policy on our “About” page. The editorial board will discuss and respond to your request as soon as possible. Reporters may also have an audio recording of your interview to verify the accuracy of your quote if applicable.

Q: How can I contact the Rock?

A: You can email us at [email protected], message us on Instagram or Twitter (@rcrockmedia), or fill out one of the forms on our website if you have a specific request. We are also in room 4113 during 6th period and most Accesses.