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by Alex Shaffer, Reporter | April 10, 2018

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift had a rough go around with the media over the last two years. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Swift’s sixth studio album would be a glorious showdown of her side of the story on reputation. Reputation sold 1.05 million copies within the first four days of its release. The last album to sell this many copies in a week was Adele's 25. On the album Swift talks...

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by Amanda Brauchler, Reporter | April 9, 2018

Nov. 1, almost a month before Hanukkah, two students were reported to the office for hate speech. One student had drawn a swastika on her Starbucks cup, with flames drawn around the sides and the words, “I want death,” on the cup. The student sitting across from her took a whiteboard belonging to the school, and drew the Star of David with a swastika inside, writing “Burn them all.” This student’s...

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