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  • Apr 15 / Varsity Girls LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 12, ThunderRidge High School - 20
  • Apr 15 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 15, ThunderRidge High School - 5
  • Apr 13 / JV Boys LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 9, Cherokee Trail High School - 2
  • Apr 13 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 6, Grandview High School - 7
  • Apr 13 / Varsity Boys LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 9, Cherokee Trail High School - 7
  • Apr 13 / Varsity Boys VolleyballRock Canyon High School - 0, Ponderosa High School - 3
  • Apr 13 / JV BaseballRock Canyon High School - 4, Grandview High School - 3
  • Apr 13 / Varsity Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 1, Fossil Ridge High School - 1
  • Apr 13 / JV Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 0, Fossil Ridge High School - 0
  • Apr 12 / Varsity Boys LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 22, Highlands Ranch High School - 1
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Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

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The image shows an up-close shot of the partial solar eclipse observable in Colorado April 8. Colorado was only able to observe a partial solar eclipse while other parts of the country saw total coverage.
A Glimpse at the Eclipse
Take a (film-glass protected) peek at today’s historic solar eclipse and the school’s festivities.
by Dee Lee and Claire Bauer April 8, 2024

At 12:15 p.m. during third period April 8, people flooded the halls, film glasses in hand. It was not lunch time nor had an early dismissal been...

BREAKING: Denver Metro Areas Experience Severe Wind Storms
BREAKING: Denver Metro Areas Experience Severe Wind Storms
by Claire Bauer and Abigail Wood April 6, 2024

Wind gusts in areas around Denver, including the foothills, are expected to reach up to 100 miles per hour (mph), according to the US National...

On April 2 at the Future Business Leaders of America Leadership Conference (FBLA), District 11 members pose for a photo at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. During the convention about 27 Jaguars competed in over 17 categories at the state level. I joined FBLA because I wanted to expand my business knowledge and learn more the careers in the business world, Preston Canter 27 said. Im looking forward to improving my presentation skills in FBLA competitive events.
FBLA State Leadership Conference: Donating One Dime at a Time
by Sanaa Sow and Aditya Khanolkar April 4, 2024

With over 27 Jaguars in attendance, the Future Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference, hosted at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and...

A floral graphic reads Happy Spring Break.
Closed for Spring Break
by Sanaa Sow, Social Media Manager • March 18, 2024

The Rock will be on break from regular posting for Spring Break, which lasts from March 18 to March 24. Send us your photos from the break...

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Will Rosenmeyer 24 interviews a student on his March Madness bracket April 2.
Final Four Take
by Spencer Rathbun, Will Rosenmeyer, Preston Duman, and Abigail Wood April 7, 2024

With National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Final Four matches set, students around the school have varying opinions on March Madness. The...

The girls varsity soccer team walk back to their bench during halftime April 1. The Jags played against the Castle View Sabercats at the Douglas County Stadium and scored 3-0 W. “It felt really good [to beat Castle View]. I feel like that was a big win for us because knowing that we came together to beat a pretty good team has definitely given us some leverage for this season,” attacking midfielder Grace Rossner ‘24 said.
Freezing the Competition
by Claudia Llado and Elly Brooks April 5, 2024

  Snow falls, encasing the field in a thin coat of white. The players' muscles tense against the biting cold, their breath forming...

On Feb. 24, Emerson Yu ‘24 climbs a roped route during the girls’ varsity competition. Participants had three hours to complete a total of five routes: two roped, two bouldering and one of their choice. “I started climbing about a year and a half ago,” Yu said. “I didn’t start competing until my senior year, which I kind of regret because I love it so much. The rock climbing community is great.”
Reaching New Heights
by River Brown and Baylie Van Horn Turnidge March 14, 2024

You reach for the next rock, a dark green peg that is rough beneath your grip.  You maneuver around the rope in front of you, reaching into...

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A graphic introduces the next piece in the column Odds and Ends. Contact Ally Kelley!
Odds and Ends: Parking Lot Problems
The issues when it comes to parking for school.
by Ally Kelley, Graphics Editor • April 14, 2024

Picture this: You finally have a parking pass and are free from walking through the neighborhoods to get to school, only to find no more parking...

A graphic reads Rock Ones, presented by: The Rock Newspaper to introduce the video.
Rock Ones: Episode One With Payton HOT-away
by Blake Cartwright, Reporter • April 13, 2024

A teacher who connects with his students in the classroom, in the gym and on the track joins the show. On Feb. 21, reporter Blake Cartwright...

English teacher Andrew Watkins smiles at the entrance walls of his classroom Dec. 4. Watkins classroom is lined with posters, pictures and gifts from students that showcase his teaching experience. I am still excited about what I teach, Watkins said, And hopefully that comes across. Although teaching wasnt my plan, Im glad I did it. It worked out. Im very grateful for the people Ive met.
by Dee Lee, Reporter • April 12, 2024

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 8% of teachers leave the teaching industry every year. And yet, despite these increasing...

Science teacher Aby Boente smiles with her daughter as snow falls around them before the schools Trunk or Treat Oct. 30. Boentes family dressed up for the event and her daughter wore a Narwhal outfit to the event.
FRIDAY FACULTY FEATURE: Boente’s Biology Background
by Abigail Wood, Assistant Editor in Chief: Photo & Camera Editor • April 5, 2024

Bee-o-int-te, Bo-int, Boe-net. All three different ways to say her name, but all are incorrect. Boente, pronounced Bent-te, is one of the...

Spot the Difference: Can You Tell Which One is AI?
Spot the Difference: Can You Tell Which One is AI?
by Ally Kelley, Graphics Editor • April 2, 2024

Teachers, students and others throughout the community have felt the effects of the use of AI in recent years. But, can people even tell the...

A graphic reads, Looking for a good gym to work out at? Look no further! Try Chuze, Planet Fitness, Southridge Rec Center, 24 Hour Fitness and Orange Theory! to introduce the article.
Workout? Where?
by Max Simms, Reporter • March 30, 2024

Staying in shape is an important part of living life.  Exercising can improve the body and its strength, help prevent health issues and push...

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Lola Claggett ‘25 tries to slip herself away from Kyle Walsh ‘25 during the final dress rehearsal in the auditorium April 2. Kim, Claggett’s character, initially found herself head-over-heels for Conrad, played by Walsh. However, after spending time with Conrad alone, Kim quickly realizes her mistake and tries to find a way to return to her home. “A challenge I came across while playing Kim was being able to pinpoint when her opinion of Conrad changed,” Claggett said. “She has to love him at first and slowly start to see the gross person he is.  I had a hard time making that arc not only noticeable to the audience but also make sense and be in line with the rest of the plot.”
“Bye Bye Birdie:” A Performance in Photos
by River Brown, Copy Editor • April 11, 2024

The lights dim and conversations turn to whispers. The pit orchestra plays in harmonization. Lights illuminate the stage, and a crowd of colorfully...

A graphic reads Could you be the President? to introduce the quiz.
The Ultimate Quiz: Could You Be the President?
by James Bogue, Reporter • April 10, 2024

Have you ever thought that the president was doing a bad job, or that you could do better? If so, this quiz is for you. Answer eight questions...

A graphic reads fall to depict the outcome for option D.
QUIZ: What Season Are You?
by Ally Kelley, Graphics Editor • April 3, 2024

A gray world is regaining its color, as spring started March 19. Although snow is still around, flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass...

A graphic displays results from the polls to introduce the article
Which “Wonka” Song Wins?
by Ally Kelley, Graphics Editor • April 1, 2024

The most recent “Wonka” movie, which came out Dec. 15, 2023, and starred Timothee Chalamet, shows how Willy Wonka created his chocolate factory....

The paper display of Ariel from The Little Mermaid is hung on the wall March 4. Ariel was one of the six characters that line the 2000s pod.
A Tour of Decorations for Wish Week Celebrations
by Ally Kelley and Avalon Nielsen March 12, 2024

Disco balls hang outside of classrooms. Castles made of paper and stickers, and arches made of balloons, decorate doors. Ariel, from Disney’s...

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A visual depicts a tuxedo surrounded by the words Step-by-Step for the Special Night to introduce part one of the three-part Prom series.
Step-by-Step for the Special Night: Dress to Impress
by Claire Yeater and Addison Cabeen April 15, 2024

“Best places to eat on prom night.”  “Prom dress trends 2024.”  “Scenic photo spots near me.” Perhaps this is what the...

A collage depicts images of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to introduce the article.
OPINION: "I'll be 87, You'll Be 89"
by Addison Cabeen, Reporter • April 9, 2024

Feeds all over the world were flooded with images of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift watching the Chicago Bears versus the Kansas City Chiefs...

A graphic reads Wills Wish Week Weekend Recommendations to introduce the article.
Will's Wish Week Weekend Recommendations
by Will Rosenmeyer, Reporter • March 2, 2024

With Wish Week starting up, each day offers different restaurants that have partnered with Student Council to contribute a share of their funds...

The Secret Of Life column logo, created with Canva.
The Secret of Life: Setting Healthy Boundaries
by Avalon Nielsen, Reporter • February 28, 2024

Hello and welcome back to The Secret of Life.  Today, the topic will be setting healthy emotional boundaries with ourselves and others and...

The Secret Of Life column logo, created with Canva.
The Secret Of Life: What to Know About Stress
by Avalon Nielsen, Reporter • January 31, 2024

Hello and welcome back to The Secret Of Life.  Today’s topic is stress: how we feel stress, what the biggest causes of stress are and how...

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