Recent Scores
  • Mar 29 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 8, Cherokee Trail High School - 0
  • Mar 29 / JV BaseballRock Canyon High School - 10, Cherokee Trail High School - 6
  • Mar 29 / Varsity Boys LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 6, Cherokee Trail High School - 9
  • Mar 28 / Varsity Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 1, Castle View High School - 0
  • Mar 28 / Varsity Boys VolleyballRock Canyon High School - 0, Douglas County High School - 3
  • Mar 28 / JV Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 4, Castle View High School - 1
  • Mar 25 / Varsity Boys LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 8, Erie High School - 7
  • Mar 24 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 19, Arapahoe High School - 1
  • Mar 23 / Varsity Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 1, Pine Creek High School - 2
  • Mar 23 / Varsity Boys VolleyballRock Canyon High School - 3, Highlands Ranch High School - 0
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Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

A graphic displays the Helper Helper logo to introduce the article.
Serving Through Springtime
by Sophia Crook, Reporter • March 5, 2023

January went by in a flash, and February followed suit. It’s as if you can blink and it’ll already be May. The looming anxiety of final exams...

The 2023-2024 bell schedule changes Odd and Even Days to Black and Gold Days. All-period days will start later at 8:20 a.m.
The Dilemma with the Agenda
by Claudia Llado, Reporter • February 24, 2023

With third quarter coming to an end and students having already requested their class schedules for next year, the new bell schedule has recently...

Julie Pedersen ties one of the quilts for the Price family Jan. 31. Pedersen helped to organize the quilt project with her prior knowledge about making quilts. “I love to sew, so it was really fun to do something that’s already my hobby that was for somebody else,” Pedersen said. 
Blanketed in Kindness
by Gabriel Mascitti, Reporter • February 14, 2023

Life can change in an instant, but we, as people, can reach outside ourselves and spread kindness to those who need it most, like the Price family.  Dec....

Students sit together during lunch to talk to each other Jan. 19. After two weeks of winter break, they began to all eat together in a group again. “[Being back has] been great, I missed seeing my friends at school and the energy from them is great,” Keilani Longwell ‘25 said.
Winter Break Breakup
by Ally Kelley, Reporter • January 31, 2023

Hundreds of students roam the halls, sleepily talking amongst themselves. Their brains focus on trying to stay awake when a loud ringing bursts...

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A graphic depicts profiles of the peer coaches for the Unified students.
Unified Peer Coaches
by Gabe Mascitti, Reporter • March 19, 2023

Feb. 7, the Unified Basketball team played against a team of counselors during Seminar for the annual Unified basketball game assembly. The choir...

The Other Side of Winter Guard
The Other Side of Winter Guard
by Ally Kelley, Reporter • March 17, 2023

A team of eighteen students unload their tarp, made to look like grass, and watch as the crowd waits patiently for them to begin. They all prepare...

Varsity wrestling captain Sammy Mobly ‘23 lays on the mat after losing the final match at day three of the State Championship at Ball Arena Feb. 18. Mobly wrestled Daniel Long ‘23 of Adams City High School for the 5A 157 pound State Championship and lost 3-1 by takedown in sudden death during overtime, taking second place. “I was honestly just stunned. I knew that was the only chance I’d get at that title, and it was all taken away in just a couple seconds, so it was tough to get the energy to stand up and shake the other wrestler’s hand knowing he just beat me,” Mobly said.
The End of an Era is Just the Beginning
by Claire Bauer, Editor in Chief • March 11, 2023

In 2018, wrestling Head Coach Tim Hill, Assistant Coach Matt Opheim and Assistant Coach Kevin Medina arrived at Rock Canyon, finding a wrestling...

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A graphic illustrates the tendency of people to either have a fear of flying or not.
Which is Safer: Driving or Flying?
by JJ Nielsen Mayer, Reporter • March 28, 2023

The captain makes an announcement, “we have been cleared for take-off.” The aircraft accelerates, with the engines pushing the plane forward....

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Current Magazine
A graphic introduces recent movie, TV show, and music releases.
Winter Entertainment Releases and Opinions
by Elsa Swanson, Reporter • February 7, 2023

The lights begin to dim and your focus sharpens, knowing that the movie is about to start. Finally, the trailers and movie deals are over. The...

A graphic introduces the article. It reads, what to do over Winter Break Dec. 22-Jan. 9.
Nine Activities for a Wonderful Winter Break
by River Brown, Reporter • December 19, 2022

The smell of an oncoming snowstorm. Cozy pajamas, two weeks off of school. As finals finish up, these ideas get closer. But, many may be wondering...

A graphic depicts several new entertainment releases, such as the cover of Taylor Swifts album Midnights, the movie Enola Holmes 2, and the television series Young Royals.
New Releases and Ratings
by Elsa Swanson, Reporter • December 17, 2022

The clock ticks as you stare at it incessantly, waiting, wondering. How long is this going to take? You ask yourself waiting for the new...

MJ Mejia ’25 works on math homework while listening  to her favorite song, “Neighbors” by J. Cole, during her off period Nov. 17. Mejia has always kept up with her tradition of listening to music while she works on homework throughout the years. “It helps me concentrate and it keeps me calm and it makes me happy,” Mejia said.
School Day Song Suggestions
by Elly Brooks, Reporter • December 7, 2022

You can feel your heartbeat start to pick up and your attention span getting smaller and smaller as you attempt to do the assignment your teacher...

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Meet the Staff
Claire Bauer
Claire Bauer
Editor in Chief

Hey! My name is Claire Bauer and I’m a junior this year. This is my second year on staff and first year as one of the editors-in-chief after being Social Media Manager last year. I enjoy reporting on...

A green Sources of Strength chain says Andrew Tate in the hallway March 2.
Opinion: Is Andrew Tate a Source of Strength?
by Andi Mack, Reporter • March 30, 2023

Paper-made links with "Sources of Strength," written by students, hang from the main hall's railings March 2. The Sources of Strength club made...

A graphic pictures a frustrated student outside school waiting for the bus.
When Schools Cancel the Bus
by Andi Mack, Reporter • March 21, 2023
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