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November 13

National World Kindness Day

Today is National World Kindness day, be sure to go out of your way today to just be kind. Here’s some ideas, Compliment someone or smile and say hi as you walk through the halls.

“I pull people into my everyday conversations or start conversations over the little things to make everyone feel included” Sydney Bowman ‘21 said.

Just take that extra step to make someone’s day a little brighter.  

PC: J. Blanchette


Current Online Issue

by Jana Seal, Copy Editor | November 6, 2018

Corruption in Russian politics has continued, and will likely continue as long as President Vladimir Putin is in office, to prevail as a prominent world issue. As a recognized critic of the Kremlin and the President, Babchenko has had a target on his back since before 2014. This target was further imprinted in 2016, when he expressed his lack of sympathy for pro-government choir members and journalists...

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by Hailey Wyneken, Social Media Editor | November 5, 2018

Surprisingly enough, only 58% of Colorado students end up going to college. At Rock Canyon, students are used to the idea of going to college after graduation. With a 79% participation rate in AP classes and 61% of students being college ready. Rock Canyon places itself fairly high among other schools. “I always just planned to go to college. My brother went and it wasn’t ever a choice really,...

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