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  • May 6 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 17, Highlands Ranch High School - 1
  • May 1 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 12, Heritage High School - 2
  • Apr 30 / JV BaseballRock Canyon High School - 11, Castle View High School - 9
  • Apr 30 / Varsity Boys VolleyballRock Canyon High School - 0, Grandview High School - 3
  • Apr 30 / Varsity Track and FieldRock Canyon High School - 9, Niwot Invite - 35
  • Apr 29 / Varsity Girls LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 12, Pine Creek High School - 6
  • Apr 27 / Varsity Track and FieldRock Canyon High School - 3rd, Liberty Bell Invite - 55
  • Apr 27 / Varsity Track and FieldRock Canyon High School - Did Not Place, Randall Hess Roughrider Invite -
  • Apr 26 / JV Boys LacrosseRock Canyon High School - 2, Erie High School - 3
  • Apr 26 / Varsity Track and FieldRock Canyon High School - 3rd, Liberty Bell Invite - 55
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Varsity girls soccer midfielder Leah Sheahan ‘24 hugs a friend during the Senior Night celebrations before the home game against Mountain Vista High School (MVHS) at Echo Park Stadium April 29. During Senior Night, seniors were given flowers and the opportunity to walk out and take pictures with their family as their future plans and favorite memories were announced over the speakers. The Jags tied 0-0, losing the Continental League Championship. “We were obviously the stronger team but just couldn’t find a way to score, but otherwise our connection and our intensity was really high so I’m proud of that. We just have to find the net,” defense midfielder Clara Geuzaine ‘24 said. “[Losing League] wasn’t the best. It’s better than last year and like, I know our team and we are doing really good. I don’t want to jinx it but like hopefully [we’ll do] good [in playoffs].”
The Week in Photos: April 27-May 3
An overview of what students are keeping up with as the year begins to end
by Staff May 6, 2024


A graphic of the skyline reads RC Goes to NYC to introduce the article.
Manhattan at Mile High
by Ally Kelley, Graphics Editor • April 23, 2024

Prom is around the corner, and Student Council (StuCo) has announced that the prom theme this year will be “RC goes to NYC” on their Instagram,...

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The Jaguar student section sits down while the girls basketball team plays in the Great Eight game at the Denver Coliseum against Valor Christian High School Feb. 29. Many students who participated in the boys basketball student section prior to the girls basketball game left before half-time. I think it [the student section] plays a huge role because we actually had a decent crowd at a ranch game. I think that was the only time we had like a student section. And the energy was just awesome, varsity pointing and shooting guard Brooke Harding ‘25 said.  I dont expect much from them [the Golden Boys] at all. But the fact that they left at the Elite Eight game when they were already there is honestly mind blowing to me.
The Silent Crowd
by Sanaa Sow, Social Media Manager • May 21, 2024

The Issue: Sexism in Sports or Just Plain Apathy It’s Feb. 29 and you’re standing in the Denver Coliseum and seats are filled to the brink...

During a game against Legend High School April 9, attack Aidan Brock 24 runs toward the goal at EchoPark Stadium. The Jaguars were ahead at first, but ended up with a score of 9-6 L. Brock scored two goals during this game.
Sticking Together: Season Recap for Varsity Boys Lacrosse
by Claire Yeater, Reporter • May 18, 2024

Boys varsity lacrosse started their season with a win, claiming a victory of 12-4 W against Chatfield High School (CHS) on home turf at Halftime...

Rock Canyon and Mountain Vista students Ella Hazel Heimer ‘25, Katherine Shuler ‘24, Kerry Soden ‘25, Eleanor Nugent ‘25, Allie Hight ‘23 and Ashley Wolfson ‘26 sit in rainbow order on stage together after their regional competition at Oireachtas Ballroom in Phoenix Arizona November 2023. Each girl, part of the Reed School of Irish Dance, placed differently as this was a solo round but all recalled and attended the award ceremony at the end of the competition. “A good mentality that I always have is that when I get to a competition I remember I’ve already done the practicing that needed to be done, and now I get to just focus on executing it on stage and having fun,” Soden said.
The World of Irish Dance
by Ella Heimer, Reporter • May 4, 2024

When you hear the words “Irish dancer,” what comes to mind? Maybe St. Patrick's Day, or Riverdance? While Irish dancers do sometimes perform...

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Math teacher Austin Bennett observes seventh period students step to the board to solve Equation of Circle problems May 2. Bennett has been teaching for a total of four years, with only two of those years spent as a Jag. He hopes after his time as a high school teacher to become a professor. [College math] is more challenging, and its good to challenge yourself, Bennett said.
FRIDAY FACULTY FEATURE: Brutal Honesty With Bennett
Math teacher Austin Bennett talks about his start in education and his career so far
by Addison Cabeen, Reporter • May 3, 2024

There are many types of teachers. From laid-back to more strict, each teacher has their own personality. But, if you are looking for a teacher...

A photo shows construction plans in blue and orange, with detour routes in green available for the construction project on Monarch Boulevard between Castle Pines Parkway and Glen Oaks Avenue.
Conflicts of Construction
by Rosie Benson and Dee Lee May 1, 2024

Drivers anxiously check their watches. Passengers text their friends in hopes teachers will excuse their tardiness. Alarms are set for earlier...

A graphic reads Teacher Appreciation Night to introduce the article.
Think Thankful: A Recap of Teacher Appreciation Night
by Avalon Nielsen, Reporter • April 24, 2024

Students and teachers gather as chatter fills the room. Smiles and kind words are shared while students thank and recognize their teachers who...

English teacher Colleen Lamb grades College Prep English assignments during period two Nov. 10. Lamb, who has been teaching for 27 years, decorates her classroom with posters and handmade college flags from her senior students. Everything I enjoy about English happens primarily in the classroom, Lamb said. So, thankfully, the college [I worked at] had a teaching program, and I was able to do my post-grad work for free while I was working [there].”
by River Brown, Copy Editor • April 19, 2024

The bell rings, signaling passing period. The journey to the back of the 3000s gets more interesting, however, when “Confidence” by Demi...

The graphic above pictures a comparison between traditional education vs. digital education.
From Sheets to Screens
by Bella Lin, Reporter • April 16, 2024

As the school year progresses, students face many academic responsibilities. Homework, tests and projects are all added to the to-doist. At one...

A graphic introduces the next piece in the column Odds and Ends. Contact Ally Kelley!
Odds and Ends: Parking Lot Problems
by Ally Kelley, Graphics Editor • April 14, 2024

Picture this: You finally have a parking pass and are free from walking through the neighborhoods to get to school, only to find no more parking...

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A graphic displays a deserted island and the headline to introduce the quiz.
The Ultimate Quiz: Could You Survive on a Deserted Island?
by James Bogue, Reporter • May 22, 2024

It’s a question we’ve all wondered at some time or another: If you were stranded alone on a deserted island, how long could you survive?...

The graphic above depicts JoJo Siwa’s transition from her iconic youthful style to her punk-like rebrand.
“I was a bad girl, I did some bad things.”
by Rosie Benson, Dee Lee, and Bella Lin May 21, 2024

“Thou shall not lie, thou shall not cheat.” Students reciting this line are not reciting a Shakespearean-era poem or lines of the Ten...

The graphic reads Take The Colorado Landmark Quiz
Welcome to the Colorado Landmark Quiz!
by Max Simms, Reporter • May 16, 2024

Are you a senior going to a college out-of-state? Take this 10 question quiz to see how well you know Colorado's landmarks.  

A graphic displays a collage of various pieces of student artwork and introduces the article “Gallery in a Glance: A Recap of the DCSD Art Show”
Gallery in a Glance: A Recap of the DCSD Art Show
by Claudia Llado, Assistant Editor in Chief: Copy Editor • May 15, 2024

As you step inside, the hum of lively chatter and crowded hallways fill the space. You walk past the mix of paintings, sculptures and multimedia...

RCTV teacher and Film Fest host Jim McClurg adjusts the camera for the Film Fest red carpet April 8. This year, there were 11 main categories for awards that could be won. “I think RCTV is just a little bit different than most classes. It allows kids to kind of express their creativity. By using digital media to tell stories, learning all the technical aspects and things during the broadcast side. Were also doing that kind of experimental kind of film-type videos too. So, try to allow them to do everything when theyre in here. So when they leave they have a lot of skills they can walk out with,” McClurg said.
Roll Out the Red Carpet
by Gabe Mascitti and Baylie Van Horn Turnidge May 13, 2024

A red carpet, students dressed up, a summary of the year. Film Fest takes place annually for the students of Rock Canyon Television (RCTV). This...

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The graphic reads PROM TIMELINE to introduce the article.
Step-by-Step for the Special Night: A Timeline for a Night to Remember
by Claire Yeater, Reporter • April 27, 2024

When to leave? How long does it take to drive there? Will there be enough time? A good Prom requires a good plan. What's your timeline?

A visual depicts a set dining spot surrounded by the words “Step-by-Step for the Special Night” to introduce part two of the three-part Prom series.
Step-by-Step for the Special Night: Cuisine Scenes
by Claire Yeater, Reporter • April 25, 2024

You and your friends are on the dance floor at Prom. You’re having a blast. Pitbull’s “Time of Our Lives” flows throughout the room,...

A visual depicts a tuxedo surrounded by the words Step-by-Step for the Special Night to introduce part one of the three-part Prom series.
Step-by-Step for the Special Night: Dress to Impress
by Claire Yeater and Addison Cabeen April 15, 2024

“Best places to eat on prom night.”  “Prom dress trends 2024.”  “Scenic photo spots near me.” Perhaps this is what the...

A collage depicts images of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to introduce the article.
OPINION: "I'll be 87, You'll Be 89"
by Addison Cabeen, Reporter • April 9, 2024

Feeds all over the world were flooded with images of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift watching the Chicago Bears versus the Kansas City Chiefs...

A graphic reads Wills Wish Week Weekend Recommendations to introduce the article.
Will's Wish Week Weekend Recommendations
by Will Rosenmeyer, Reporter • March 2, 2024

With Wish Week starting up, each day offers different restaurants that have partnered with Student Council to contribute a share of their funds...

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