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  • May 27 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 7, Cherokee Trail High School - 2
  • May 27 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 1, Valor Christian High School - 11
  • May 26 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 4, Mountain Vista High School - 3
  • May 25 / Varsity Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 0, ThunderRidge High School - 1
  • May 20 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 11, Far Northeast High School - 1
  • May 20 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 10, Douglas County High School - 0
  • May 18 / Varsity Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 6, Heritage High School - 4
  • May 16 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 11, Air Academy High School - 0
  • May 15 / Varsity Girls SoccerRock Canyon High School - 4, Pine Creek High School - 1
  • May 13 / Varsity BaseballRock Canyon High School - 15, Brighton High School - 0
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Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

Rock Canyon High School's Student Newspaper

the Rock Online

Smiling, Student Body President Myles Rubin ‘23 gives a speech in front of the senior section during the Moving Up Assembly May 12. Student Council wrapped up the year with a final speech, talking about school activities such as the Back to School Dance, Homecoming week, assemblies, Wish Week and Prom. “I love giving speeches at assemblies because of the roar of the crowd and the positive response from all of the students,” Rubin said. “It was awesome being Student Council President this year and being able to lead some of the best events that Rock Canyon has put together.”
Moving Up & Out
Students gather together to celebrate end-of-year achievements and say farewell to former seniors at the Moving Up Assembly.
by Claudia Llado, Reporter • May 22, 2023

Waves of students make their way into the gym, slowly finding a seat in the bleachers as the choir prepares to sing the national anthem and Student...

The featured image for the article displays the Finals Week schedule. Click for full screen.
Finals Frenzy: Finals Week Schedule
by Sophia Crook, Reporter • May 21, 2023

The end of the year comes quickly, and Finals Week will pass even faster, with no more regular classes, only 10-minute Seminar check-ins and...

Student Council member Rachel Geis 23 rolls paint onto Brayden Duman 23 at the Senior Wall hand-painting event May 12. Although finals for seniors took place May 8 and 9, seniors were required to come back to school between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. May 12 for Senior Checkout, followed by the handprints. It felt extremely sad, Duman said. I loved my time at [Rock Canyon] and had some of the best memories. It feels sad to be graduating, yet exciting for a new chapter in my life. I look back and Im extremely grateful for the memories, teachers and friends. I learned more than I thought I would and will always support [Rock Canyon].
Handprint History
by Claire Bauer, Editor in Chief • May 18, 2023

How do you choose to make your mark on the school? Some students may argue their athletic careers, academic records, or wins in activities...

Kristie Vetter 25 claps after pieing U.S. History teacher Wes Chapman May 4. The pieing took place in the outdoor classroom to prevent mess.
Eyes on the Pies
by Claire Bauer, Editor in Chief • May 16, 2023

A tinfoil dish gets filled with whipped cream. Teachers arm themselves with protective plastic covers. The dishes are thrown. Splat. While...

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Varsity boys ice hockey team holds up the 2023 Wales Division Banner May 14. The team won against the reigning championships, the Denver East Angels, 9-2. It felt amazing. It really showed that, with a full group of guys, with the right mindset, we can do anything, right wing Easton Stockert 25 said. We took down the back-to-back champs, which was my personal first time ever beating Denver East.
Stunning the State
by Abigail Wood, Managing Editor • May 24, 2023

For the first time in school ice hockey history, the Jaguars took away a win against the Denver East Angels during the final championship games...

Nathan Shrestha 25 works on an assignment in the LMC May 12. Shrestha utilized his time before his track and field meet to finish a presentation for Chinese IV. “Anytime I’m free, I make sure that I don’t have any extra assignments that I would have to cram at the last minute,” Shrestha said.
Stretching and Stressing
by Kishan Vahalia, Reporter • May 20, 2023

Picture this: You practice your favorite sport after school for a few hours. After practice ends, you take off your gear, head home and feel...

Abbey Gardner 23 lays in a postoperative hospital surgical bed after surgery to reattach the retina back onto her eye Dec. 19, 2022. Gardners retina had detached during the Winter Junior Nationals swim meet Dec. 7-12 in Austin Texas. I detached my retina in my left eye, which took me out of the water for close to two months, Gardner said. Photo Courtesy: Abbey Gardner.
Defying Limits and Overcoming Injuries
by Abigail Wood, Managing Editor • May 14, 2023

Hours of practice and technique work to get every single detail right for when the competitions start. The efforts of athletes to prepare for...

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The featured graphic reads Colorado Activities For This Summer.
The Places You'll Go: Colorado Activities For This Summer
Read 11 suggestions of in-state activities to do for your break this summer.
by Elsa Swanson, Reporter • May 26, 2023

Summer Break begins today, May 25, and ends Aug. 9. Staying in-state? Check out 11 suggestions of Colorado activities to do over your Summer...

A graphic depicts the contrasting nature of mental health issues and the masked stigma surrounding it.
Breaking the Stigma: Jag Opinions on This Year’s Mental Health Awareness Month
by River Brown, Reporter • May 24, 2023

Trigger warning: This article contains mentions of suicide, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression, as well as the negative...

A white and pink graphic reads 16 yr OLD, 41 yr YOUNG to introduce article three of the column, One Good Thing: Hey Teens, It Gets Better!
One Good Thing: Hey Teens, It Gets Better!
by Andi Mack, Reporter • May 23, 2023

Everything is always happening everywhere, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It’s up to us to decide what we want to highlight in our world,...

The image for the Ambitious Application Tips graphic by Maddie Leonardi and JJ Nielsen-Mayer.
Ambitious Application Tips
by Maddie Leonardi and JJ Nielsen Mayer May 19, 2023

Many juniors start their college apps the summer before their senior year. Want to stand out on your college applications, or just need advice...

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The graphic reads How to Enjoy Your Staycation to introduce the Staycation Quiz.
Quiz: What Should I Do To Enjoy My Staycation?
by Avalon Nielsen, Reporter • May 25, 2023

While going on vacation is a popular summer activity, some students prefer to stay at home. There are still ways to make a “staycation” fun...

Braden McCollam 23, playing Franklin Hart, hangs off a pole as he is carried across the stage by fellow cast members at dress rehearsal for the spring musical March 27. Opening night took place at 7 p.m. in the auditorium March 29. This role is definitely a lot different than the ones Ive had before because its really mean and Harts a really bad person. Its definitely a new challenge but its something I really enjoyed to try and tackle, McCollam said. This is my last show at Rock Canyon, so I think theres just something special. Im excited to get to spend it with the people Ive built relationships with these past four years and see the show come together.
A Production in Quotes, "9-5: The Musical"
by Elly Brooks, Elsa Swanson, and Claire Bauer April 2, 2023

The auditorium silences as the stage lights click on and the curtains rise. The audience lights up with excitement as the pit orchestra begins...

A graphic introduces recent movie, TV show, and music releases.
Winter Entertainment Releases and Opinions
by Elsa Swanson, Reporter • February 7, 2023

The lights begin to dim and your focus sharpens, knowing that the movie is about to start. Finally, the trailers and movie deals are over. The...

A graphic introduces the article. It reads, what to do over Winter Break Dec. 22-Jan. 9.
Nine Activities for a Wonderful Winter Break
by River Brown, Reporter • December 19, 2022

The smell of an oncoming snowstorm. Cozy pajamas, two weeks off of school. As finals finish up, these ideas get closer. But, many may be wondering...

A graphic depicts several new entertainment releases, such as the cover of Taylor Swifts album Midnights, the movie Enola Holmes 2, and the television series Young Royals.
New Releases and Ratings
by Elsa Swanson, Reporter • December 17, 2022

The clock ticks as you stare at it incessantly, waiting, wondering. How long is this going to take? You ask yourself waiting for the new...

MJ Mejia ’25 works on math homework while listening  to her favorite song, “Neighbors” by J. Cole, during her off period Nov. 17. Mejia has always kept up with her tradition of listening to music while she works on homework throughout the years. “It helps me concentrate and it keeps me calm and it makes me happy,” Mejia said.
School Day Song Suggestions
by Elly Brooks, Reporter • December 7, 2022

You can feel your heartbeat start to pick up and your attention span getting smaller and smaller as you attempt to do the assignment your teacher...

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The image reads, Hope by Eila Liu to introduce the video.
A Right to Hope
by Eila Liu, Reporter • May 26, 2023

Often, people dream of what seems unrealistic and unlikely. However, it is these very dreams that can keep humanity hoping. And where there is...

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Summer is on its way and the warm weather is finally setting in. This summer is the perfect time to try out new things. Whether you’re trying...

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Layer atop layer, orange will bathe the surface of the water, homes, and more in its hue every day as the sun trickles back down. This hue is...

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Opinion: Is Andrew Tate a Source of Strength?
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Paper-made links with "Sources of Strength," written by students, hang from the main hall's railings March 2. The Sources of Strength club made...

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Staff Editorial: The Issue of Weighting Courses
by Staff March 24, 2023

The Issue: Countless extra hours spent reading, filling out worksheets, and studying for tests. You open your semester transcript, hoping your...

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When Schools Cancel the Bus
by Andi Mack, Reporter • March 21, 2023

Feb. 3, at 1:25 p.m., my bus route was canceled, along with 13 others. That is approximately an hour and a half before the school day ends, as...

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