Whats in your stock?

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 causes massive growth to grocery shopping lists.

by Julia Blanchette, Editor

Panic purchases in preparation for the Pandemic. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, families have begun to stock up on some of their essentials. Here are a few images of student pantry and household essentials during quarantine.

“Out of all food items in our house, we have stocked up on lots of non-perishables in hopes of eliminating the need to grocery shop,” Madeline Ramsey ‘21 said. Local restaurants are still open and taking takeout orders.
“We have done the curbside pickup for a few restaurants. It’s been a good way to get out of the house and support the local businesses,” Kade Ramsey ‘20 said.
Many stocked up on their favorite food choices to make Quarantine meals more enjoyable.
“Four weeks ago my dad got nervous about the Coronavirus because there were a lot of new cases in the US. He went to the store and stocked up on a bunch of food that wouldn’t go bad like Mac and Cheese in case we couldn’t leave our house,” Sydney Bowman ‘21 said.
Across the nation, toilet paper was suddenly very hard to find.
“In case any of our neighbors needed it, we were at Costco and thought it wouldn’t hurt to be more prepared and or help others so we bought some,” Jake Layton ‘21 said.
Common household items began to fly off the shelves within a matter of days.
“My parents were at Costco and there was so little of everything left that they just grabbed an extra package of paper towels, knowing we’d run out eventually,” Katelynn Edelen ‘21 said.