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Valentine’s Day is a day to give gifts or let someone know you’re thinking about them. Here is a list of special presents to give a special someone. And keep in mind that gifts can be given to anybody: your significant other, your best friend, your parents.

February 13, 2021

Order a Custom Gift:

The Koogle Explosion Box Set is customizable so you can paste on your own pictures and make it unique to your partner’s liking. For $15.99 you can purchase the Black Box Set or for $22.99 you can get the Deluxe Black Box Set.

“When all the pictures of all the good times and memories spring out it would be so cool! In a tiny box, the happiest memories explode out. It’s so unique, too. I would smile so much my face would hurt and I’d be so happy I’d hug him for as long as I could. Then I’d tease him for being so sweet. I would not stop smiling. My heart would race so fast,” Claire Price ‘22 said.

The Book of Us gives the gifter the ability to create a book custom to them and their partner’s story. From beginning to present it could include major milestones in one’s relationship. For $39.99 you can write your own story. 

“I’d feel really happy knowing somebody spent the time to do this for me. It would be something I’d cherish for a long time. For me, it would remind me of ‘18’ by One Direction because that song is a love story that I want to live through,” Ayanna Cudennec ‘24 said.

The Custom Spotify Music Code Plaque allows you to choose an album cover for your relationship and an anthem to describe it. Whichever form you chose to print your picture and song on will have a Spotify code that you can scan with your phone. This special code takes you to your song. From $9.99 to $29.95, you can choose from a small key chain to a large throw blanket. Play the melody of your relationship.

“I wouldn’t buy that for my wife – she’d kill me if I spent that much money on something like that. It’s a good idea though, and if I had money I would buy it. The song I would choose for my wife is ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz,” chemistry teacher Brandon Hommel said.

“I would absolutely like to either receive or give a gift similar to this. If I had a choice in song, it would be ‘Yours’ by Russell Dickerson. When listening to the song, the lyrics [that] speak most to me [are] ‘You make me better than I was before, thank God I’m yours.’ It is important to encourage one another in a relationship, and the whole song written by Dickerson highlights that. This would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day because it shows how much your partner cares about you and it is something special and specific to your relationship,” Braden McCollam ‘23 said.


Timeless Gifts:

Roses and Chocolates – the classic duo of longevity and sweetness. Available at any corner store or luxury shop, flowers and candy are the quintessential gift for Valentine’s Day. 

“I would buy some really expensive or foreign chocolates – the boxes of chocolate are nice, but they’re too cheesy and basic… [I would also] buy some roses,” Stephen Siegrist ‘21 said.

Stuffed Animal – something that doesn’t wilt or isn’t (hopefully) consumed is a stuffed animal. Teddy bears with hearts or puppies with bows are a common present given. 

“If I was going to give someone a stuffed animal for Valentine’s, I would go to Build-A-Bear Workshop, find out their favorite animal, make it Valentine-themed, stitch our names on the chest so it can be more meaningful, and make it hold a heart so it can be more meaningful. Also, I would pick out a hoodie to let them know they can always be comfortable around me,” Zach Mariott ‘24 said. 

Jewelry – From watches to rings, decorate your s/o with bling. Seen in the windows of glamorous boutiques or in small retailers, it is accessible to buy anywhere.

“As a co-owner of Crystal Jewels, I am a jewelry lover. I love receiving and giving jewelry because it’s an amazing feeling to see the people’s faces whom you love light up with joy when they receive jewelry as a gift. Our products are handmade with love and [are] a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Crystal Jewels [has] a wide variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and Valentine specials. [It’s] for the people you care for this Valentine’s Day!” Tiffany Lahey ‘22 said. 

You can buy Crystal Jewels’ products for someone this Valentine’s day on depop or @crystaljewelsbiz on Etsy or @cryst_aljewels on Instagram.

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