The Significance of Symphonies

You hear music every day, but have you every stopped to think of its importance?

December 9, 2021


Resilience: Music is able to teach people how to be resilient. I recently auditioned for the Continental League Orchestra, and that music was very difficult. Instead of deciding that it was too hard, I became determined to get better and better and would focus on the end goal. I learned this thought mentality through music, and it is very helpful to all of the people who have learned that through the same means. Focusing on the goal ahead helps create a positive attitude and helps me stay on track. There are so many things in life that you have to work really hard for, but they are worth it in the end. At an early age, kids are used to things coming to them, and if they don’t, they just give up. By learning an instrument, I was able to learn this lesson earlier and develop the work ethic I have today. 


Mentors: As a young kid, having as many mentors and positive influences as possible is really beneficial. Music provides that opportunity for young kids or teens to gain these mentors that otherwise they wouldn’t have. My private music teacher is one of my biggest mentors and role models. She has taught me so much both in and out of the music realm–I would’ve never met her if it weren’t for music. She has helped shape me and so many other students into the people we are today. These mentors are especially important for kids who might not have that support system at home–it is very likely they will find one in the music world. These mentors will be held close to their hearts  and will touch these kids’ lives in a really positive way. 


Community: The music community is such a wonderful place. Every person I have met through music has been so wonderful and welcoming. I have met some of my best friends from being in an orchestra– and I wouldn’t trade those relationships for the world. As a kid, having something to be a part of is really important. They can be proud of being a part of something and be proud of their accomplishments. Having that positive community for kids helps them be comfortable in who they are. It allows them to be around kids who have the same interests and create those lifelong connections that are priceless. 


Outlet: Music isn’t just an activity, but it is a projector of yourself that you can show to the world. No two musicians’ playing styles are the same. We are all performing who we are. Being able to show who I am through playing has helped me figure who I am. No two violins are exactly the same. They are all different and special in their own way– just like people. Through music, you can find out what makes you unique. Every kid needs to know how special they are and they need to feel valued. Music helps them reach that consensus on their own, and help them learn how to love themselves. 


Critical Thinking: Music helps develop a person’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. When learning new pieces, it is essential to figure out the more effective way to play the right notes and make them sound good. Trying to find new ways to make those pieces easier to navigate. By learning those skills, kids will be able to more effectively solve problems both in and out of school and will ultimately perform better in school than kids who aren’t in music. *State statistic*


Some people might try to avoid music, due to restrictions such as cost– but nothing should be able to limit people from pursuing music. Over 1.3 million elementary schools don’t have this opportunity for children (Children’s Music Workshop). This is why the Rock Canyon Orchestra Program has committed to support elementary school Wyatt Academy to keep their music program alive. Wyatt Academy is a school where 91% of students are economically disadvantaged. Our goal is to provide them with the gift of music and allow them to continue educating these children in need. The QR code below is a way you can donate to the program and 100% of the proceeds will go to these kids in need. 

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