The Ups and Downs of Fantasy Football

Student perspectives and opinions about the current fantasy football season.


photo by Danny Curran

A football graphic introduces student opinions on fantasy football and players.

by Dawson Hunt and Kishan Vahalia

Throughout the first seven weeks of fantasy football, there have been ups and downs. From the booms, busts, and new breakout players, to the unexpected and disappointing performances by some players, fans are pretty invested in the new season so far. Here are some of the players who have stood out:


Our Take:

Some unexpected National Football League (NFL) players have been playing exceptionally well this season. Here is who we included:

You have some lesser-known players, such as Patriots backup running back Rhamondre Stevenson. He has managed to acquire 20-plus fantasy points each week for the past two weeks and has averaged 20.3 points per game over the last five weeks. 

Another player who has been performing well in fantasy is Raiders running back Josh Jacobs. He averaged 32 points in weeks four, five, and seven, and has averaged 25 points over the course of the entire season so far. Considering he was not expected to do this well, he has definitely been one of the steals of the draft so far. 

Students also put in their opinion about their players, record, and who has been a disappointment this season. 


Jaguar Takes:

Nathan Friedel ‘23:

“Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones, and Rhamondre Stevenson have been doing well for me this season. Kyler Murray has been doing badly because he is a quarterback who has under 20 points every week and can’t do anything at all,” Friedel said.

Ben Hartmann ‘26:

“Ekeler has been doing good for me this season, and Derek Carr has been doing bad, so I traded him for a different quarterback. I have been doing pretty bad this season, with a record of 3-4, but I won my last two games, so that is good,” Hartmann said.

Brandon Stout ‘25:

“I got Russell Wilson, Saquon Barkley, Cooper Kupp, Patrick Mahomes, Myles Sanders,” Stout said. “I am number five on my team so far, and my biggest disappointment has been with Russell Wilson.”

Rohan Kotwal ‘25:

“My top players are Christian McCaffrey, Evan Mcpherson, and Ceedee Lamb,” Rohan Kotwal ‘25 said.

Noah Kazin ‘25:

“TJ Hockenson, Damien Pierce, and the Saints’ defense have been pretty disappointing this season,” Kazin said.

To sum it up, this fantasy football season has definitely been an interesting one. There have been numerous sleeper players as well as players who have underperformed week after week. However, no matter how good or bad a player’s performance is, people will still set their fantasy lineup every week in hopes of doing well enough to win their fantasy matchup.