Can’t Doubt the Ins and Outs of 2024

As the first month of the year ends, some people have already given up on resolutions. Others are following the new trend: Ins and Outs.
The graphic above reads Ins and Outs to introduce the article.
The graphic above reads “Ins and Outs” to introduce the article.
media by Elly Brooks

As January comes to an end, perspectives start to shift away from New Year’s and new resolutions. Many may have given up or forgotten about these goals.

But, a new trend, “Ins and Outs” has overcome social media websites such as TikTok and Instagram, allowing a new viewpoint of New Year resolution. 

Many trend components discuss fashion, social skills, screen time and sleeping habits. According to the New York Times, some of the most popular Ins include early bedtimes, staying hydrated and red light therapy.

Some popular Outs are impulsive shopping, mindless phone scrolling and vaping. 

These are just some examples that have been running through social media with many different Ins and Outs through all age levels and genders. 

A popular In for 2024 is more sleep. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, high school students need 10 hours of sleep per night. Less sleep causes side effects such as fatigue, irritability, short temper, mood changes and trouble coping with stress. The Harvard Summer School  also emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep for high school students and how an increase in sleep can help improve academic performance and reduce stress. 

“Something I want to be better at for the New Year is getting eight hours of sleep. When I get less than eight hours I feel less energized and I lose concentration faster in school. When I get more sleep, it helps me stay focused and I feel like I can do my school work faster and more efficiently,” MJ Mejia ‘25 said. 

A common Out for the New Year is procrastination. 

Maryville University explains the reason for procrastination, “People delay tasks for various reasons, such as fear of criticism, fear of failure, lack of interest, and perfectionism,” 

The fear and concern for tasks cause students and people to delay their tasks until the last minute. Although this method might work for some, there are many cons presented with procrastination.

According to Marville, rushing to finish an assignment can lead to mistakes, and for in-depth papers, one might not analyze the content as deeply, resulting in a worse grade or harm to one’s academics. The impact of procrastination on students is immense, making it a popular issue for the new year. 

“My main issue is procrastination because it puts me behind on schoolwork. Procrastination causes me to wait till the last minute to get things done, and if I left it behind in 2023, I can get better grades and be a more productive person and student,” Mejia said.

A popular new trend on TikTok also is “Booktok.”

Booktok is a corner of TikTok devoted to book recommendations that allow new readers to explore the book world. This new trend has made reading a new habit and trend.

According to Merrimack College, reading can improve self-esteem, concentration, and memory skills and expand your vocabulary. 

“One of my biggest interests is bright colors. They are fun, and beiges are just sad,” Cleo Melville ‘25 said.

Bright colors have been resurfacing since the 80s.

According to BuzzFeed, beige colors offer a sense of comfort, warmth and safety. New trends have been set for the New Year, one being bright colors. As seen in Cliff Price and Co., luminous colors evoke warmth, joy and creativity. These colors are resurfacing not only in fashion but in interior design, too.

“One of my biggest interests is bright colors. They are fun and beiges are just sad,” Cleo Melville ‘25 said.

One controversial topic regarding outs is Marvel and superhero movies. According to Times Magazine, the various Easter Eggs and explanations of superheroes’ powers used to be fun and entertaining, but now they are more like a chore.

Furthermore, many Marvel movies spend too much time explaining the storyline and what’s going on, leaving incredible actors forced to act in a movie that doesn’t make sense.

“In Marvel and Superhero movies, the culture has moved on, and the stories are played out,” English teacher Peter DeFilippo said.

As 2024 moves into full swing, many wonder if these are going to be Out or In or if they were just predictions. I guess we will find out as 2024 continues to speed by.

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