Back to the New Year Assembly

by Alec Sutula, Sports Editor

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“And were marching”!!! The new year has been in full swing for this past week. On the snowy morning the students piled into the gym. 2019, the year our seniors graduate. As a senior it is becoming surreal that we will leave this gym in the next couple of months. Throughout the assembly we were introduced to our Winter sports captains, such as : Swimming, Wrestling and Boys and Girls basketball. All very successful programs at Rock Canyon, with our basketball teams playing Thunder Ridge tonight. We saw our great Pom and Cheer team dance and receive a great applause. As both our pom and cheer team have been awarded multiple state championships in past years.

“I always love the assemblies because they show how much school spirit we have”, Brandon Dodd ‘19 said. “ It is always so fun to be apart of the cheers and it is a special feeling especially at Canyon”.

The highlight of the assembly was the rock, paper, scissor game. Each grade level had three cards and went to battle against each other.

“ I thought it was a very creative game that we haven’t done before at an assembly”, Mackenzie Paladino ‘19 said.

In the end the seniors came out victorious against the freshman. The assembly ended with Mr. Abner leading the students in the ‘Do it” cheer, which has always been a crowd favorite for many.

“ By far the do it cheer is my favorite, it just resonates so much energy throughout the school”, Cole lynch ‘19 said.