Help for the Hartmanns

Recently the Hartmann family suffered a tragedy. A Go Fund Me page was made to help support the family in this difficult time.

by Hailey Wyneken, Social Media Editor

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In the early morning of Feb. 2. Kevin Hartmann, English teacher Jennifer Hartmann’s husband, took his own life after struggling with depression. Jefferey Honeycutt started a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for Hartmann and her three kids for everyday expenses like rent, groceries and the kids’ education.

Shortly after the Go Fund Me page was started it gained a lot of attention from students, staff members, and several others who know the Hartmann family and wanted to help however they could.

“It hit me really hard to hear that happen. She was my teacher and she made a huge difference in my life,” Josh Bullock ‘19 said. “I will be praying for her and hope that her family and kids get through it. She was one of the most inspirational teachers I’ve ever had.”

The page raised thousands of dollars quickly and began trending on the site. As of Feb. 6. the page has raised over $15,000 and is continuing to grow. The original goal set was $10,000 but but Honeycutt shared that the amount raised was arbitrary and that he hoped the amount raised was ten times that if possible.

If you are in a position to help and support the Hartmann family during this extremely difficult time please donate here.