Flashback in the New Year

Look back on the 2018 school year through the best photos and quotes from each month.

by Emily Wilson, Editor


August: In a line, Samantha Schuttler ’21, and her fellow classmates stand outside to watch the eclipse Aug. 21. The students were not expecting the sky to go as dark as it did. “I didn’t think it would look as cool as it was,” Schuttler said. Photo: P. Pecoraro

The Back to School Dance was really fun and casual, but still a lot of people went”

— Carolyn Kimzey ‘22


Homecoming was really fun. Kinda goofy, just all of your friends hanging out and having a good time. I’m really looking forward to Prom because as a Junior I’m actually allowed to go this year.”

— Aidyn Schmidt '20

September: Jordan Weinstein ’18 back flips during the halftime performance Sept. 21. Man Poms learned a dance from the varsity poms team prior to the game. “It was like an adrenaline rush because I love performing in front of people,” Weinstein said. “The game was a little cold with the short shorts, but it was a lot of fun. I was born a performer, dancing is in my blood.” Photo: T. Hien


My favorite memory was Marching Band state Quarterfinals and Semifinals. It was nice to become a part of a community that I didn’t know anything about. I was able to make friends with people that I never thought I would”

— Tyler Craig '19

October: Vinny Curci ’18, Ryan Finchter ’18, Zachary Hanna ’18, and Duke Avery ’18 walked to the center of the field for the coin toss, along with the referees. They held hands on their way to the coin toss with the opposing team, Hinkley. The varsity football team went 5-5 in the 2017-2018 season. Photo: D. Deschane


I really like Trivia Bowl and the competition involved in it. I just like learning new and interesting facts and they’re fun to listen to”

— Catherine Wendel '20

November: To celebrate the team’s victory at the State Volleyball Tournament, Brooklyn Jaworsky ’20 hugs her teammates Nov. 4. Jaworsky did not know the girls very well on the varsity team because she played for JV throughout the regular season. “Because I was a swing, I didn’t really know them very well,” Jaworsky said. “They are really sweet and it was fun to get to know them.” Photo: L. Shea


My favorite high school memory has probably been the [basketball] game against Thunder Ridge last weekend. I just love the energy from the crowd even though we lost, we did pretty good. I’m looking forward to playing highs school soccer in the Spring.”

— Kendall Ahern '21

December: Point guard, Tyson Gilbert ’18 goes in for a layup Dec. 2. at Mountain Vista High School. It was the third and final game in the tournament and they beat Mountain Vista 71-52. “I have got the opportunity to play at Colorado State University-Pueblo. This season we are working hard to win a state championship and we will continue to work hard every day until it comes,” Gilbert said. Photo: D. Deschane


I was the lead in summer brave and it was really fun. It’s so much fun to be around everybody and be able to actually experience performing. It’s a great opportunity that you don’t really get again because it’s senior year, I am really looking forward to Wish Week because this is the last chance we’ll get to experience that”

— Maddy Ditmer '19

January: The Varsity poms team tackled a tough subject through dance at their last regional competition Jan. 20 at Mountain Vista. With Lady Gaga’s ‘Till it Happens To You’ playing in the background, captain Olivia Wheeler ’18 and her team told a story of sexual assault through their performance. “I am really proud of how my team took it on and how we ended up putting the dance on the floor,” Wheeler said. Photo: M. Brown


Leaving Iowa was my favorite memory because I was a lead and it was just a really great show”

— Tiffany Ballantine '19

February: Kerst Meibos ’19, Nathan Grammer ’21, Gideon Groom ’20, Carson Timmons ’20, and Griffin Rushall ’21 sing in a baseball locker room set in the spring musical ‘Damn Yankees” in the auditorium Feb. 24. “My favorite part of the show was the song ‘The Game’,” Timmons said. “The song was really comedic so I loved acting in a really funny way.” Photo: O. Wheeler


My favorite memory from last year was Wish Week. It was a great experience and it was a lot of fun especially as an incoming freshman. It really showed me how as a highschool we can come together for a good cause. I’m looking forward to Wish Week again and just the rest of high school”

— Jacob Aragon '21

March: Confetti falls from the gym ceiling celebrating the final moments of Wish Week March 9. “Wish Week is really fun. It is really festive and there are a bunch of cool decorations. Everybody is supporting the Wish Kids, which is really nice,” Anna Reimers ’18 said. Photo: A. Leitner

[I’m looking forward to] Wish Week because it seems like fun and I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s awesome”

— Zach Lipfield '22


April: Students dance to the beat during prom at Spruce Mountain Ranch April 7. “I loved getting to spend the whole night with my closes friends getting dressed up and having a great time,” Emily McDonald ’19 said. Photo: B. Hurley


May: Kevin Pipich ’19 throws a baseball during practice after school, finishing out their season. Photo: M. Provost