Wish Week Preparations

 Wish Week Preparations

    In a walk around the hallways, you’d be met with the image of STUCO students frantically stapling posters and hanging decorations. Strangers to Rock Canyon might be clueless as to what was going on or what Wish Week even is. 

     Is it a week where struggling seniors beg their teachers to raise their 69.97 to a 70 so that their Wish to graduate comes true? Is it a week where teachers’ Wishes for certain students to “disappear” come true? No, it’s not even remotely close to any of those, despite how much some students and teachers want those weeks to exist. 

     Wish Week is a week where the whole school comes together to make the wishes of kids with life-threatening conditions come true. Whether it’s attending a Disney Cruise, meeting a celebrity, going on a shopping spree, or experiencing a trip to somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, these wishes are what the school dedicates a week for. This is a week where the school raises as much money as possible to grant these very wishes.

     In preparation for Wish Week, STUCO students and staff spent the night of Feb. 24 hanging banners, signs, lights, and various decorations. 

     “It’s like organized chaos… It’s so much fun just getting to be behind the scenes and work on all the different aspects like the hallways and the posters and the assemblies,” Reagan Oates 21’ said.