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Proposition EE increases tobacco tax and establishes taxes on nicotine products.

Proposition EE: Increase tobacco tax and establish taxes on nicotine products

Proposition EE

BACKGROUND: Currently, the tax on tobacco products in Colorado is $0.84. Proposition EE would increase this tax to $2.64 by July 2027 (Ballotpedia). This proposition is heavily focusing on this aspect regarding youth health; if these products are more expensive and thus harder to acquire, arguably the rates of teens addicted to nicotine could decrease (Ballotpedia).

WHAT A VOTE “YES” MEANS: Voting YES would increase the current tobacco tax and create taxes on nicotine products, which are not currently taxed in the state of Colorado. In addition, revenue from these taxes would be used to help state programs such as those that fund preschools, housing development grants, and tobacco education programs. Increasing taxes is an attempt to make it more difficult to purchase tobacco and nicotine products (Ballotpedia).

EXPLANATION: This would decrease the amount of teens in Colorado with nicotine addictions, as well as the overall number of Colorado residents with nicotine addictions and provide for a healthier state (Ballotpedia).

“Passing Proposition EE will deter teens all over the world from using nicotine products and hopefully force them to quit due to the limited access,” Ethan Fong ‘21 said.

“I think that the amendment should be passed because education definitely needs more funding in America, and right now because we’re in a pandemic, it would be really good for more funding to go to health,” Izzy Broome ’21 said.

WHAT A VOTE “NO” MEANS: Voting NO would not increase taxes on tobacco products and establish taxes on nicotine products.

EXPLANATION: Youth should be dissuaded from purchasing tobacco products through educational programs and by “enforcement of existing age restrictions” (Ballotpedia).

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