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Proposition 118 creates a paid medical and family leave program in CO.

Proposition 118: Create paid medical and family leave in Colorado

Proposition 118

BACKGROUND: A paid medical and family leave program, which Colorado does not currently have, would protect those who request paid leave from repercussions regarding their employment and would provide 12-16 weeks of paid leave at no more than $1,100 a week (Ballotpedia).

WHAT A VOTE “YES” MEANS: Voting YES allows the state to use payroll taxes to fund, 50% from employers and 50% from employees and prevents employers from being able to punish employees for taking paid leave. This covers circumstances such as childbirth, pregnancy issues, and needing to take care of sick family members (Ballotpedia).

EXPLANATION: Programs allowing paid medical and family leave ensures businesses retain employees and thus improves the economy (Ballotpedia).

WHAT A VOTE “NO” MEANS: Voting NO would prevent the state from creating a paid medical and family leave program.

EXPLANATION: The payments required from employers and employees to support a program like this could be harmful to low-income businesses and hard for them to maintain. In addition, local governments still have the power to make their own rules and could disregard this measure. (Ballotpedia).

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