What to BOO for Halloween?


This year Halloween falls on a Monday. Some will embrace the holiday spirit, but others deny the fact.  This may alter some decisions, contradicting some students traditions and plans. Do you trick-or-treat? Do you spend time with friends? Do you go to a haunted house? If you’re struggling to make a plan, here are some ideas so you too, can CREEP it real.

Instead of attending parties on the day of Halloween, people said they would go to parties the weekend before.

“I love Halloween parties. They’re so different because everyone dresses up and it’s just so fun,” Ireland Brady ‘20 said. On the other hand, lots of students said that they would be going tricking treating on Halloween night.

“I want to hold onto my childhood as long as I can,” Mia Hensen ’20 said. Lots of other students said that trick or treating is fun and there shouldn’t be an age limit to when treat or treating is unacceptable.

“I’m going treat or treating because my girlfriend wants to,” said Brad Hansen ‘19. Overall, Halloween night should be full of unexpected trick-or-treaters. On the other hand, students like Junior Kevin Huang are staying home.

“I’m going to be doing homework on Halloween,” Huang said.  Students like Kara Nelson ‘19  are also staying home but having a scary movie marathon.

“I love scary movies and it sounds more fun than a party or trick or treating,” Kara said. 104 people took an online survey on Twitter. 58% said they will be attending a party, 12% said they will be going trick-or-treating, 6% said they will be going to a haunted house, and 25% said they would be doing something other than the three options. Halloween should be one for the BOOks!