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Wish Week Is…

Wish Week Is…

February 16

Halloween is a Dying Holiday

Alex Shaffer, Journalist

November 1

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When I was younger I remember standing at a door for five minutes in a line of kids to get candy. Now you ring a doorbell and the reason you are waiting is because the people are scrambling around to see what they can find for the trick-or-treater’s because they didn’t expect any.

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Commentary: How Old is too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

Jana Seal, Reporter

October 26

Filed under Features

    Halloween is a fun holiday for adults and kids alike, but where do teenagers fall?  Some find trick or treating inappropriate for teenagers to take part in, while others believe that it doesn’t really make a differen... Read more »

Presidential Election 2016

Connor Fuchs and Alec Sutula

October 26

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With the 2016 Presidential Election in less than two weeks, here is a look at the views on certain issues from candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump   Hillary Clinton: Foreign Policy-  “Maintain a strong ... Read more »


Maja Hall, Reporter

September 19

Filed under Entertainment, Features

      Tis the season for posters full of puns, people walking the halls with flowers plus teddy bears in hand, and Instagrams of cute couples smiling ear to ear. In case you don’t get the point, it’s the time to ask a lucky... Read more »

Mr. Newman’s Homecoming Advice

Julia Reeder

September 8

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     Those of us who have had Mr. Newman for various science courses and electives are familiar with his infamous homecoming advice. During the month leading up to homecoming, Mr. Newman begins his classes with a little chat ... Read more »

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