Serving Through Springtime

Community service deadlines are coming up… here’s what you need to know.


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by Sophia Crook, Reporter

January went by in a flash, and February followed suit. It’s as if you can blink and it’ll already be May. The looming anxiety of final exams — and graduation for seniors — only grows larger.

In Douglas County School District (DCSD), students are required to have at least 20 hours of community service logged across all four years of high school in order to graduate. At this point, for seniors who’ve been too busy to meet the quota, the due date of March 24 may feel incredibly daunting. 

“What we want from graduates is a well-rounded student, good with math, science, English, social studies, a few arts and P.E., and active within the community,” guidance counselor Elias Solis said.

What are volunteer hours important for besides graduation requirements?

According to Rosterfy, colleges favor applicants with at least 50 hours of community service. There are also opportunities for receiving varsity letters, with a due date for applying March 24 as well. The requirements are:

  • A letter of recommendation from a service work supervisor (100 hours)
  • A two-page personal reflection on service work (250 hours)
  • Submission of a portfolio documenting the experience, & the presentation of it at the Community Service Fair (500 hours)
  • A formal presentation to a panel of staff members (1000 hours)

Where can I find organizations/submit hours?

RCHS uses the app Helper Helper, using DCSD emails for logins. The app is primarily used to seek out opportunities within the district area, and enter in hours for both past & current commitments. If needed, there’s an FAQ provided by DCSD and a tutorial from Helper Helper to provide assistance.

What doesn’t count?

Generally, volunteer work done for pay or badges, during the school day or for one’s family or friends isn’t permitted. In addition, only half of Senior Studies hours can be included for graduation credits and must be validated by the supervising teacher. This is not an exhaustive list, so further questions on what counts as a valid volunteer opportunity can be directed to Counseling Secretary Julie Burns at [email protected]


Time Until Community Service Hours Are Due
Community Service Hours Are Due!