Wish Kit Sales During Both Lunches


Students purchase Wish Kits to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation during lunch, Wed. Feb. 15. Pic: Christian Liley

by Makenna Allen and Christian Liley

Students line the commons during each lunch period of every school day following the start of Wish Week, Fri. Feb. 10,  as they wait to purchase their Wish Kits.  Of the 2,500 shirts ordered, 1,000 have been purchased for the cause of granting Faith’s wish.

“We use some of the money to pay for the cost of the shirt, but the rest goes to Wish Week,” Mikayla Devin ‘19 said.

Like Landon Hogue ‘18, students demonstrate their support for Wish Week as they pay $10 for each kit.  

“I am buying a Wish Kit because I like supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” Hogue said.

Hurry in to purchase your shirt while they’re still left!