Committed to College


by Berit Erickson and Sophie Martinez

     As we steadily approach the midpoint of the Spring Semester, the time for seniors to commit to the college of their choice has come. Many students choose to remain in state, but for others the transition to college means leaving the familiarity of Colorado. Deciding on where to attend school is driven by more than just location, factors such as tuition, academics, and athletics being of importance as well. Times can be overwhelming and stressful, but seniors of all natures can agree that being accepted is both a relief and means for celebration.

    “I was so excited [when I found out I was accepted] but I didn’t get my Financial Aid package at the same time that I got my acceptance letter so the exciting part was getting my aid package,”  Alana Rainosek ‘17, who will be attending the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business in the fall, said. “I got a pretty good scholarship so that was fantastic because I showed my parents and my dad almost started crying and my mom was super excited and she completely froze so that was pretty cool.”

    From the time a child enters elementary school to the moment years later when they enter senior year, so much of their life has been driven by means to attend college. “You have to get good grades or you won’t be able to go to a good college!” is a commonly used phrase by parents and “I joined this club so that it would look good for college” is a popular one among students. The requirements for college in the 21st century far exceed those imposed upon past generations. The pressure is unmatched and cause for much stress and resent relating to the high school years, but basis for leaving doesn’t often disregard the comfort that one’s home town provides.

    “I’m going to miss the familiarity.  I’ve been doing this [high school] for four years so college is going to be something new which is scary,” Rainosek said.

    Above all else, the time to leave for college is the beginning of the new individual to develop. Leaving the comfort of home to pursue further education, knowledge, and life experiences are aspects of college to be kept in mind as our seniors prepare for the rest of their life post high school graduation.