Which is Safer: Driving or Flying?

Student opinions on flying and tips to overcome your fears.


media by JJ Nielsen Mayer

A graphic illustrates the tendency of people to either have a fear of flying or not.

by JJ Nielsen Mayer, Reporter

The captain makes an announcement, “we have been cleared for take-off.” The aircraft accelerates, with the engines pushing the plane forward. 20 seconds later, you’re up in the air, going 200 MPH. You attempt to ward off your fears as the aircraft departs, but the height and tight space increases your fears. Some people are afraid of flying, while others aren’t.

What’s the reason for the fear? Studies have shown that it is safer to fly on a plane than take a road trip in a vehicle. 

According to Mission Legal Center (MLC), “In 2021, nearly 43,000 people died in car crashes around the United States. Close to 5 million more were seriously injured. In 2021, there were 21 total plane crashes. Zero of these resulted in fatalities; in fact, there have only been three fatal commercial plane crashes since 2006.” 

Factors that can go into fear of flying are the fear of heights, closed-in spaces, afraid of crowds, strangers, etc. Is this you? 

Although there aren’t ways to treat this phobia, there are ways to prevent it, according to the Cleveland Clinic. First, avoid taking things that can make anxiety worse, such as caffeine, drugs, or even alcohol. Next, sharing your fear with friends/family can also help ease the stress while in the air. Last, studies have shown that listening to music and distracting your mind can help ease the tension towards flying. 

Do You Have Aerophobia?


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What students think about flying:

Izzy Reeves ‘26:

“I was never afraid of flying, it’s always been really fun when I fly and I love taking off,” Reeves said.

Finley Jiampetti ‘26:

“I used to be scared of flying over the ocean and crashing in the water but now I’m not,” Jiampetti said.


Elena Enriquez ‘26:

“I enjoy flying because I know [I’m going] somewhere fun, I also love the suspense of waiting to arrive at my destination,” Enriquez said.

Olivia Bruns ‘25:

“Flying usually doesn’t bother me, however, I do get a little nervous when there is turbulence,” Bruns said.