Editorial | An Evolution of Music


by Sophie Martinez and Berit Erickson

     The evolution of music into the popular styles of modern day society is a change that appeals greatly to some, while others prefer the styles from past generations.  Many teachers at the school have expressed their longing for the music of the Classic Rock era and others speak of the lyrical decline in the modern day music industry.  Music tastes vary from person to person, yet there are also age components that add to the enjoyment or distaste of particular musical genres.

    The 1960s hosted a various group of artists such as Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, however the most successful artist of the decade was The Beatles who lead the so called “British Invasion” of European music groups that gained popularity worldwide.  This phenomenon was especially prominent in North America in the case of the Beatles.  Similarly, Pink Floyd, Abba, and Led Zeppelin were some of the most well known artists of the 1970s, though Elton John was the highest grossing artist of that time period.  In the 2000s, Eminem held the number one spot, followed by Coldplay and Britney Spears.

    “Lyric wise I think that music has decreased in quality and I think that started when I was in high school too.  I think that’s why I like Twenty One Pilots so much because I feel like their lyrics actually have a message and more meaning,” Leah Fairchild said.  The early 2000s presented the height of hip hop and rap music in addition to emerging pop with artists such as Christina Aguilera.  “I think music is more electronica now.  I think when I was in high school the big thing to like was hip hop and rap and now I think it’s more of the dub step electronica type of music. Like dance music,” Fairchild said.

    Heavy metal or “emo” music also gained popularity in the early 2000s with musical groups such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! at the Disco.  “Oh man, I was an emo chick in high school like skater chick so I listened to alot of screamo bands so a lot of the ones that are still around today too.  I listened to Pierce the Veil, We Came as Romans, Atreyu, so a lot of screamo slash metal bands,” Fairchild said.

    With the inclusion of new genres and bands that are categorized to fit these standards, new defining sounds have been created.  Whether it be by headlining artists such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the 60s, or emerging artists in the 2000s such as Kelly Clarkson, the music industry has seen a great evolution.  From the Classic Rock era, to the age of pop music, bands have come and gone and will continue to do so as sounds modify and the desire for the next new hit persists.