Finals Frenzy: Finals Week Schedule

Read more about the schedule, tips, tricks and reminders for finals.


media by Sophia Crook

The featured image for the article displays the Finals Week schedule. Click for full screen.

by Sophia Crook, Reporter

The end of the year comes quickly, and Finals Week will pass even faster, with no more regular classes, only 10-minute Seminar check-ins and Accesses that last for the second half of the day.

“I don’t like how one test can tank your whole grade,” Ella Bearman ’24 said. “I think [your grade] should reflect a whole semester of work. It’s also just overwhelming to study for a final when it’s a whole semester’s worth, I get overwhelmed and then can’t do anything.”

Finals begin May 22 and go through May 25, with two final exams per day. See the schedule, tips, tricks and reminders here.