Quiz: What Should I Do To Enjoy My Staycation?

Take this quiz to help figure out what activities are best for your “staycation” over Summer Break.


media by Ally Kelley

The graphic reads “How to Enjoy Your Staycation” to introduce the Staycation Quiz.

by Avalon Nielsen, Reporter

While going on vacation is a popular summer activity, some students prefer to stay at home. There are still ways to make a “staycation” fun and eventful. This quiz will help staycationers find what activities they will most enjoy.

Take this quiz to help figure out what activities are best for your staycation.


How would you describe your personality?

     A.) More reserved and introverted who likes to stay indoors typically.

     B.) A go-getter who wakes up early and doesn’t waste a minute of the day.

     C.) An extroverted and athletic individual who enjoys sports.

     D.) A low-key person who likes the sun and quiet, personal time.

What most interests you?

     A.) A nice warm spot in the sun with a good book.

     B.) A hike or walk in nature.

     C.) A sport or activity with friends.

     D.) A long, comfortable nap.

How long is your attention span?

     A.) I can stay focused for a long period of time if it interests me.

     B.) I have an average attention span but things need to keep me entertained or I get bored.

     C.) I get distracted easily and need to always be moving to new and different things.

     D.) I am a focused individual who rarely gets distracted.

What activities do you enjoy the most?

     A.) Reading, writing, journaling.

     B.) Hiking, rock climbing, swimming.

     C.) Soccer, frisbee, most sports.

     D.) Sleeping, talking to friends/family, crafts.

Who do you typically spend your time with?

     A.) Family and relatives.

     B.) Anyone.

     C.) Friends. 

     D.) Yourself. You are your best friend.

What’s your favorite movie genre?

     A.) Romantic comedies.

     B.) Adventure movies.

     C.) Action movies.

     D.) Disney movies.


You’re all done with the quiz! Scroll down to find out who you are and what activities you should do it. Tally up how many of each number you picked to find your recommended hair color based on your personality.

If you got…

Mostly A’s: You are probably a person who enjoys the indoors slightly more than the outdoors. Some good options could be to snuggle up with a good book, bake or cook, watch a new movie or even an old favorite. Some other, more social options would be to play a board game with friends or family, talk to friends or get to know new people, or even scrapbook or reconnect with relatives.

Mostly B’s: You are likely an active and animated individual who loves spending time with others and being outdoors and doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty. Some activities you may enjoy are going for a hike or a nature walk, rock climbing, swimming, participating in pick-up sports activities or joining a new sports team.

Mostly C’s: You are most likely a strong-willed person who always seeks new adventures. Some enjoyable summer activities for you may be camping or backpacking, going for a run or walk, participating in sports that you enjoy or getting together with friends.

Mostly D’s: You seem to be a more introverted person who enjoys spending time by themselves. Some activities you may enjoy this summer include going to a bookstore or going on a picnic. You may find journaling or reading to be of interest to you.