Beyond Pearl Street

by Sophie Martinez and Berit Erickson

     Familiar to many is the popular Pearl Street, though Boulder, Colorado is home to hiking trails, restaurants, and museums, all unique to the landscape as well as the history of the city.  Hikes accommodate all visitors, with easy, medium, and hard treks.  Similarly, the dining in Boulder contains eateries that have come to be popular locations among the CU students.  Museums and landmarks give historical and geographical context to the existence of Boulder.

    The hiking trails in Boulder are copious, as the city is amongst the flatirons and foothills of Colorado.  The least difficult hikes of the area, more scenic than rigorous, include the Red Rocks Trail in the Boulder Open Space, the Chautauqua Trail, also in the Boulder Open Space, and the Bobolink Trail in the East Boulder Community Park.  Similarly, there are many moderate hikes within Boulder as well, including the Mount Sanitas Trail in the Boulder Open Space, Mallory Cave in the same location, and the Kohler Mesa Trail.  The popular advanced hikes of Boulder consist of the Royal Arch Trail in Chautauqua Park, the first and second flatiron hike, and the Green Mountain Loop.  While these are some of the most enjoyed and highest rated hikes, Boulder is full of many different routes available to the public.

    The dining in Boulder is just as eclectic as the nature walks.  One of the most popular restaurants in the area is The Buff, founded in 1995 by Jacquie and Chris Meyer.  It serves a variety of dishes from sandwiches, burgers, and many breakfast options.  The restaurant, newly renovated, caters to the gluten free community, as well as the vegetarians of the area.  Boulder ChopHouse is another popular eatery, as it sits at the base of the flatirons and includes ingredients from local farmer’s markets.  The restaurant specializes in steaks of various cuts, though it also includes soups, salads, and seafood.  Another restaurant, with three locations in Denver, Longmont, and Boulder, is Lucile’s, which serves Creole style cuisine is the first restaurant in Colorado to offer Creole style food for both breakfast and lunch.  Lucile’s has acquired several prestigious awards, such as a five star review from The Boulder Daily Camera.  Original seasonings are used and the restaurant has developed a highly successful catering system.  Lucile’s serves classic New Orleans dishes with Cajun influences.

Boulder is also home to many museums and other landmarks.  Some of the more popular tourist destinations are the Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art, the Fiske Planetarium, the CU Museum of Natural History, and the Boulder History Museum.  Several art galleries are also common tourist attractions.  These galleries are the Art + Soul Gallery, the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery, and the Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery & Event Center.

Boulder houses a great deal of different hiking trails, restaurants with unique cuisine, and museums.  The culture of Boulder is represented in these elements of the city, making Boulder a popular attraction for college students and tourists alike.