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End of Round One: Senior Assassin Update and Leaderboard

As the first round of Senior Assassin ends, kill counts rise and the leaderboard changes.
media by Courtesy of Thomas Lopez ’24
Thomas Lopez ’24 shoots Riley Shanahan ’24 with a water gun Sept. 16. Shanahan was Lopez’s third target of the first round.

Water guns bought, goggles strapped on, targets stalked and shot. $1,410 on the line.

It’s Senior Assassin season.

The first round began Aug. 18. 282 seniors submitted their $5 entry fee and received their target, whom they had exactly one month to hunt and kill.

“I joined [senior assassin] because it’s a senior tradition that I think is really fun, and I think I have a pretty good chance to win–I [wear] my goggles all the time to avoid getting out,” Thomas Lopez ’24 said. “My first target I got out by hunting her down on Snap Map, and I got her out in the PetSmart parking lot. My second target I got out at Senior Sunrise because she wasn’t wearing her goggles. My third target I got out when she was walking in the parking lot without goggles.

The first round ended yesterday, Sept. 18. Players who got shot or did not get their target out in that first month were eliminated from the game, leaving only 82 players of the original 282 still in.

See below for the players still in and the kill count leaderboard as of Aug. 21, according to @rc.seniors.24 on Instagram.


  1. Thomas Lopez (Three kills)
  2. Kate Shupe (Three kills)
  3. Lexi Rufenacht (Two kills)
  4. Kaiden Carland (Two kills)
  5. Taylor Meighan (Two kills)
  6. Taylor Hostetler (Two kills)
  7. Madi Krom (Two kills)
  8. Cale Maguire (Two kills)
  9. Aiden Kahn (Two kills)
  10. Hunter Berven (Two kills)
  11. Jacob Oberosler (Two kills)
  12. Nathan Kim (Two kills)
  13. Jonas Thelander (Two kills)
  14. Lily Mulstay (Two kills)
  15. Max Murray (Two kills)
  16. Luka Schymik (One kill)
  17. Samantha Sloan (One kill)
  18. Kate Fehr (One kill)
  19. Jade Spears (One kill)
  20. Alina Severson (One kill)
  21. Abby Palka (One kill)
  22. Cameron Short (One kill)
  23. Emily Feiman (One kill)
  24. Addie Jaeger (One kill)
  25. Josh Mcalister (One kill)
  26. Avery Witmer (One kill)
  27. Maddy Sova (One kill)
  28. Macy Watterson (One kill)
  29. Josh Rausch (One kill)
  30. Matt Hardin (One kill)
  31. Jack Anderson (One kill)
  32. Sadie Loucks (One kill)
  33. Espne Kaul (One kill)
  34. Charlotte Strabel (One kill)
  35. Emme Bell (One kill)
  36. Raegan Duffy (One kill)
  37. Ellie Preisler (One kill)
  38. Quinn Kane (One kill)
  39. James Thompson (One kill)
  40. Avery Mell (One kill)
  41. Brennan Lanam (One kill)
  42. Danielle Yoder (One kill)
  43. David Brabb (One kill)
  44. Gavin Neira (One kill)
  45. Shwithi Velpuri (One kill)
  46. Leo Bell (One kill)
  47. Abigail Wood (One kill)
  48. Courtney Campbell (One kill)
  49. Nick Maday (One kill)
  50. Bella Smoldt (One kill)
  51. Devon Barclay (One kill)
  52. Marley Johnston (One kill)
  53. Reid Finch (One kill)
  54. Nolan Kliewer (One kill)
  55. Will Strabel (One kill)
  56. Izzy Harris (One kill)
  57. Cole Lindsey (One kill)
  58. Lindsey Thomsen (One kill)
  59. Abby Davidson (One kill)
  60. Allison Stanton (One kill)
  61. Meagan Carley (One kill)
  62. Trevor Olsen (One kill)
  63. Julia Hay (One kill)
  64. Tess Hopfer (One kill)
  65. Adam Smith (One kill)
  66. Clara Benko (One kill)
  67. Evan Chaulk (One kill)
  68. Cayden Joramo (One kill)
  69. Bodey Sherrill (One kill)
  70. Brooke Vidger (One kill)
  71. Claudia Llado (One kill)
  72. Clara Geuzaine (One kill)
  73. Grace Bruns (One kill)
  74. Lindsay Heylinger (One kill)
  75. Sam Ballantine (One kill)
  76. Maxx Menzies (One kill)
  77. Brooke Hein (One kill)
  78. Parsa Roozbeh (One kill)
  79. Hudson Antestenis (One kill)
  80. Evan Weinstein (One kill)
  81. Patrick Osoba (One kill)
  82. Brooke Jones (One kill)
  83. Nadia Ruiz (One kill)
  84. Matthew Shipley (One kill)
  85. Boyd Matson (One kill)
  86. Alyssa Harden (One kill)
  87. Miller Duval (One kill)
  88. Kulia Jadd (One kill)
  89. Stella Catalano (One kill)
  90. Mac Graham (One kill)
  91. Diego Graves (One kill)

The second round will begin Monday, Sept. 25, after Homecoming Week’s safe period.

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