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Two Boys Are Accepted into All 8 of the Ivy League Schools

Michaela Ham

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(Left to Right) Martin Altenburg, 18, and Kwasi Enin, 20. Photo courtesy of CNN.com

     Two high school seniors, Kwasi Enin and Martin Altenburg, were accepted into all eight of the Ivy League Schools: Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Princeton and Cornell.  Both of these students achieved the same goal but were raised in drastically different environments with polar opposite parenting.  Kwasi, who received his acceptance letters in 2014, is from Shirley, New York and was raised with African ‘tiger parents’ who demanded high expectations and encouraged diligent studying habits throughout high school. Martin, who was accepted this year, is from Fargo, North Dakota and had parents that allowed him to be a ‘free spirit’. They believe that if his behavior is positive, then sitting back and allowing him to do what he does without being hands-on is their best approach.  Kwasi currently attends Yale University and Martin is still in the process of deciding which school he would like to attend before the 2017 Fall Semester.  

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Two Boys Are Accepted into All 8 of the Ivy League Schools