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Trash Problem at Rock Canyon

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If you’ve walked through the Rock Canyon parking lot recently, you probably noticed the huge amounts of trash on the ground. The amount of trash is overwhelming and concerning to some students we have asked. RCTV has made a PSA about it and talk about it quite often, however, matters have not changed.

We asked students “Why do you think people would rather throw their trash in the parking lot rather than the trash can?”  We interviewed Kendall Junggren ‘20 and she said “ I think because they are too lazy, people don’t want to get out of their cars to throw away their trash so they just throw it out the window into the parking lot.” We also asked  Rowan Piccaro ‘21 about his thoughts and what he does with trash in the parking lot, he says “I usually don’t take the time to throw trash in the trash can if I’m in the parking lot and the trash can is too far away, but I do believe that the trash in the parking lot is getting way too out of hand.”

Our next step would be to put a stop to the trash as a school community. We also asked students the second question of “How could we as a community control the trash problem?” Sam Wieseler ‘19 says “We’ve put trash cans all over the parking lot and have had people pick up trash and it still continues to occur, I don’t think there is a solution to the trash.” Student Julia Nelson ‘18 thinks there could be a solution to this problem. “I think the students who get lunch detention should pick up trash in the parking lot instead of being in the lunchroom.”

By: Kaiya Espey, Kara Lencke, and Sara Snocker

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Trash Problem at Rock Canyon