Students Show-Off


Middle school students and their parents fill out information sheets at the Swim and Dive table during the Rock Canyon 8th Grade Information Night, Wed., Jan. 24. Students interested in attending the school next year took part in the event to learn about the various clubs and activities that the school offers. Current high schoolers set up tables at which they aided the prospective students in deciding which activities would be best for them.

by Makenna Allen, Reporter

Tables adorned by student produced work, posters, products for sale, and candy lined the halls that would typically lie vacant on the night of Wed., Jan. 24.  It was late in the evening and yet, the air buzzed with activity as high school students mingled with their younger peers. Eighth Grade Information Night was underway and students and faculty alike had gathered to educate incoming freshmen about the numerous activities offered by Rock Canyon.  

“Eighth grade night is what allows students to be able to envelop and see clubs and sponsorships Rock Canyon has to offer,” Ayurv Srivastava ‘20 said.  “It allows the eighth graders to be truly welcome and to be a part of our Jaguar family.”

The turnout of clubs, activities, and sports enforced the sense of community amongst Jaguar students.  Indeed, tables boasted means of involvement in high school that ranged from choir to lacrosse to chess club.  

“We try to represent all parts of Rock Canyon, everything from academics and honors information and academic offerings to athletics and clubs, all the parts of the high school experience,” Assistant Principal, Melissa Rosati said.   

Such representation allows prospective students to become excited about the different ways that they might become involved in what Hailey Mosteller ‘18 believes is one of the most important characteristics of Rock Canyon.  \

“I think it (Eighth Grade Night) gives you a great idea of all of the clubs and activities that they offer at Rock Canyon,” Mosteller said.  “That’s part of what makes Rock Canyon so great is the opportunity to try new things.”