Winter One Act Wonders


Joshua Friar '20 poses to become a zombie during the Winter One Acts, Thurs., Feb. 1, in the auditorium. They plays were performed by underclassmen and directed by upperclassmen to be performed in front of an audience.

by Olivia Allen, Reporter

With no help and little chance of survival Joshua Friar ‘20 sprawls across the stage, realizing that his friends are leaving him to survive the zombie apocalypse during his One Act performance, Thurs., Feb. 1, in the auditorium.  

“When I’m performing on stage, I’m usually just in my character and I’m not really thinking of anything else, other than my character,” Friar said.  

Friar and many other actors and actresses have been preparing for their one act.  For Simon Davis ‘20, he is excited to jump back into his acting career.  “I thought it’d be really cool to get back into acting, since I haven’t done it in a while,” Davis said.  “So I thought it would be a great idea to try it again.”  

With the excitement of new actors and actresses, upperclassmen directors support the underclassmen through every step of preparing and performing.  “At this point, (I’m) just really proud.  They did such an amazing job, like me and Jessica who is the other director,” Valerie Thomson ‘19 said.  “We definitely did a lot to help them and block it in and everything, but they totally had the comedic timing and and I’m just really proud of them.”