Skaters of Canyon


by Matthew Bowman, Reporter


High schools have a variety of people, and it can be easy to guess the type of person they are through the way they dress and the types of things they say. Whether it’s the person who always wears a football jersey or the one that wears nothing but Hollister, it’s easy to assume what they are like or how they act. A newer style, one that people seem to be taking about, is ‘the skater’. Vans, khakis, and a Hollister sweatshirt- that’s a stereotypical skater outfit. “I like to feel comfortable, but i also like to be stylish,” Brett Birtzer ‘21 said. Nathan Engler ‘21 is a beginning skater, but he’s been dressing like one for a while. “I like the lifestyle of skaters, it makes me feel comfortable and lets me show myself more, and I think people who dress like they skate but don’t are posers,” Engler said. He has been skating for 3 weeks, and has progressed since then. The skater style is here to stay, and we are surely going to see more of it.

Types of Boards/Lingo

Engler has what upper end skaters would call a “Walmart board” or just a really cheap one, but is expecting to get a better board for Christmas. I told him he should get a Krooked board, Bones wheels, and Avenue wheels. Those are quality brands for a beginner skateboards.