Missing Pink?

by Alec Sutula, Sports Editor

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The scarecrows, pumpkins and buckets of candy often fill our minds during the month of October. But for many others there is something that is closer to the heart. October is Breast Cancer awareness month. One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. For the Rock Canyon community, we have honored Breast Cancer awareness month through the Jill Lamb foundation, with countless sports teams having pink out weeks and games. In 2016 football players even shaved their heads with the Breast Cancer logo to install awareness. Still, today in the halls, I see Rock Canyon Breast Cancer awareness shirts. However, this year the football team heard the surprising news that they will not be having a Pink out game vs Mountain Vista- which happens to be some of the players’ favorite game of the year.

“It is definitely my favorite game, I love seeing everybody show support for breast cancer and playing Mountain Vista,” former football player, Cole Lynch ‘19.

Rock Canyon sports, such as volleyball, especially look forward to the pink out games as well.

“My favorite thing about the Dig Pink game is that we get to raise awareness for Breast Cancer,” Laryssa Myers ‘19 said.

Pink out games at Rock Canyon have meant a lot to the players and faculty. It is always a heart warming sight to see the Pink Jerseys or accessories on the field or the court. Personally, it has meant a great deal to me because I have two relatives that have been affected. I just hope that in future years we can bring back the magic of the pink out games.