A Single Egg Just Scrambled the Internet

An ordinary egg with big dreams just achieved something egg-ceptional...it just poached a world record.

by Kira Zizzo, Reporter

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Sarah Birmingham ‘22 and Ethan Provost ‘20 excitingly discuss the world record breaking egg during lunch in room 4113 Jan. 15. Birmingham wasn’t aware of the egg until this morning when her sister, Amanda Birmingham ‘20 told her about it. “That just makes me laugh really hard because, take that Kylie, less liked than an egg,” Birmingham said.

In a matter of 10 days, Instagram users across the world banned together and over 46 million of them (as of Jan. 16) left a like on an image uploaded by @world_record_egg. This egg-celent post cracked the world record of Instagram likes which was previously held by reality television personality and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner, with a photo of her newborn Stormi’s hand– this received over 18 million likes. Students have been encouraging each other to double tap this post through Instagram stories and in person.

“There’s no picture I’d rather have beat a Kardashian,” Sarah Mendus ‘20 said.

Through teamwork and determination, this egg-stravagant post has beaten the world record of Instagram likes and formed the #eggsoldiers and #EggGang. Some students liked the egg purely due to its aesthetic.

“The egg is brown, oval shaped, it’s simple, nice, and minimalistic,” Ethan Provost ‘20 said.

“The shell, the brown shell, the smoothness of the shell. I like the photo because it was just so perfect and just resembled a perfect life,” Katie Whetten ’22 said.

If an egg can break a world record in a matter of days, egg-strordinary things can happen in 2019.

Katie Whetten ‘22, Annie Benson ‘22, and Emma Koressel ‘22 sit outside the main office during first lunch, talking about the results of the world record egg that is taking Instagram by storm Jan. 15. All three students liked the viral egg post and contributed to its 43, 821, 307 likes. “I’m glad the egg won because it’s funnier than Kylie’s post, so people like it more and also I like eggs better,” Benson said.

Jasmyne Bingel ‘22 heartily laughs in agreement in a conversation with her table group in World Geography in room 5600 regarding the Instagram viral egg Jan. 15. She liked the record-breaking egg post and was excited that such a simple, everyday object could beat Kylie Jenner. “I found out about the egg through a friend and I honestly found it intriguing. I thought, why not? If an egg can surpass Kylie Jenner, anything’s possible,” Bingel said.

This record-breaking egg post shattered Kylie Jenner’s Instagram world record.

Kylie Jenner’s post of her daughter, Stormi’s hand used to be the world record holder for the most likes on Instagram, but was knocked out of place by a photo of an egg.