Face the Reality of Registration

 With Registration of classes coming to an end, many questions are still surfacing.

by Sam Keer, Managing Editor

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     The biggest question and myth is that you can save offs for senior year, however to be a full time student at any Douglas County School a student must have five classes.

    “In order to be a full time student at Rock Canyon, or a Douglas kind of school, you have to have five classes. So there’s no way to have more than two [offs],” Department Chair and Counselor Mike Sullivan said.

    In order to graduate from Rock Canyon students need 24 credits and 20 hours in community service hours. To letter in community service it starts at 100 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, and then 1,000 hours.

    “So we have a, the beginning letter is at 100 hours. So at 100 hours, students can get the initial letter and the initial pin that we have, then once they get to the higher levels, they get bars, similar to like, if you letter in track multiple years, you’d get the pin and then multiple bars for each year that you let her afterward,” Sullivan said. “So we have 100 hours that at 250 than 500, and then 1000, we’ve only had a few students get to 1000, but the 500 level is getting we are having more and more students get there to that level.”

    When choosing classes the course guide helps for students to see an insight of what the class will be like.

    “Probably the number one thing is, is research. Research on the Course Guide. I always tell students to read every single class they’re registering for, so they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. So there’s not a surprise,” Sullivan said. “On top of that if they have questions about the Course Guide during an access period, go and talk to that teacher who teaches that class and get clarification about what it is they really know what they’re getting themselves into.

    In May students are able to try and change their classes to something different if they are not happy with their schedule.

    “We have that change period of May, where we have some flexibility. We have four days where we’re like, ‘come on down’, if you want us to try switching your electives will be as flexible as we can. We can switch electives depending on what’s available during that same period. We can do that in May, but after May happens then school starts in August then pretty much everything stays the remainder of the year,” Sullivan said.

    During the first ten days of school in August students are able to drop a class without it reflection on their transcript. After that ten day period if the class is dropped it shows as an F.

    “There’s only a 10 day period where students can drop a class. So if in September they dropped it [they would] end up with an F. If they dropped a class for an off or teacher aid in the first 10 days, they can do it without it being reflected,” Sullivan said.