What to Expect for Wish Week

Welcome to Wish Week. March 1-8 marks the tenth annual celebration and fundraiser: here’s what you need to know to be prepared.


photo by Amanda Brauchler

Sara Smith ’21 cries while watching the introductory video introducing last year’s wish kid, Violet March 1, 2018.

by Emily Wilson and Brooke Indel

  1. Let’s hear it for spirit

Everyday brings a new opportunity and whether it is dressing up or going to an event, Wish Week is full of exciting times where awesome memories are made. You will never get these moments back so seize the moment, show your school spirit and don’t forget to dress up, donate, and go to events!

  1. Donate, Donate, Donate!

Oh no, not 7th period again. Chemistry is my least favorite class! Don’t want to endure another long confusing class? After convincing your teachers to stall a class period, bring your receipts from restaurants that you dine at during the week which are partnered with our school for wish week to your classes to stall the class! Didn’t eat out during the week? That’s okay, you can bring cash from home to help participate in stalling the class period with your classmates.

  1. Wish day is Which?

If you didn’t already know, here are all of the different and amazing events you can attend throughout the week!

  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Decorations

For those who have experienced walking in on the first day of Wish Week and seeing all of the extraordinary decorations, you know how amazing it is to walk down the halls and see all of the hard work the Student Council puts into beautifying our school. For freshman who will be experiencing it for the first time, get ready to have your breath taken away. Student council puts in hard work and time the night before Wish Week to make the school celebration ready, so please respect their hard work and do not tamper with the decorations. Torn down ribbons and ripped decorations just don’t look the same or have the same effect.

  1. Bleed Black and Gold, not red

Almost everyone knows and loves the tradition that is Miracle Minute. For those who have participated in past years, you known how crazy those few minutes can get, so please stay safe and know that no matter what, you will eventually make it to the bucket to give your change and trying to get there fast is not worth the pushing and shoving that sometimes gets students hurt.