Time-Honored Tradition of Costa Vida

Wyatt Mosteller and Daxton Garner

by Daxton Garner and Wyatt Mosteller

Freezing temperatures and 40-minute lines didn’t stop students from buying dinner at the Lone Tree Costa Vida to contribute to Wish Week. By Thursday, March 6, Costa Vida will have the exact numbers of how much was contributed to Wish Week.

While waiting in the long, winding lines to order, students planned what they were going to eat.

“I am going to get the pulled pork burrito with a little bit of cheese on top and some sour cream,” Tanner Crawford ’20 said.

Determined to participate in the annual Dish for a Wish location of Costa Vida and to contribute to Wish Week, students finally received their food after the long wait. The intention of the fundraiser and Michael motivated students to wait.

“I can’t wait to achieve the goal for the wish kid, which is why I am getting a burrito with some steak, lettuce, bean, and maybe sour cream,” Bree Goodmin ’22 said.