Then There Were Two: The Story of How Your Bracket Broke

With March Madness coming to a close April 8, learn how your bracket was destroyed.


media by Jack Keough

The Michigan Wolverines wins their game against the Florida Gators March 23. In the Second Round of March Madness, Michigan progressed after winning 64-49.

by Matthew Fink, Editor in Chief

Tonight, Texas Tech and Virginia (UVA) will play in the final game of March Madness 2019, both competing for their first tournament win. Like every year in the past, no known person has a perfect bracket. This is because of a series of upsets throughout the tournament.

How Your Bracket Broke Down

The first upset for your bracket was when Murray State had beat Marquette. 58% of brackets had Marquette winning. An even more damaging upset, was when UC Irvine had beat Kansas State, where 79% of people had Kansas State winning. However, on a larger scale, the team that people had decided to win the whole tournament, was Duke, who had 39.2% of brackets with them as the champion. This was ruined abruptly in the Elite Eight, when Michigan State had barely beat them, ending their chance at a championship title.

Unexpected Winners

In the ESPN People’s Bracket, it shows that the two teams people had expected to make to the final game was Duke and UNC (North Carolina). Virginia was expected to lose in the final four, but more interestingly, people expected Texas Tech to lose in the Sweet 16 against Michigan. At the moment, the two top brackets are split, one has Texas Tech winning, the other has UVA winning. Henceforth, the overall bracket winner will be decided by the winner of the basketball game tonight.