The Day in Photos: Back to School Assembly

Relive the flour-covered, freshman-booing frenzy of the annual Back to School assembly Aug. 16.


photo by Kira Zizzo

Poms performs at the annual Back to School Dance. Poms danced to a remix of Aretha Franklin’s hits.



by Amanda Brauchler, Editor in Chief

photo by Amanda Brauchler
Emily Detwiler ’20 claps after the seniors launch their streamers at the Back to School assembly Aug. 16. The annual assembly was met with some confusion from the seniors when they initially didn’t know the correct timing to launch their streamers, confetti and flour into the air.
photo by Amanda Brauchler
Senior Malia Mazer jumps during the “Do It” cheer at the Back to School assembly Aug. 16. Mazer was one of a multitude of seniors to create senior pants: decorated, white painters pants traditionally worn to games and assemblies.
photo by Kira Zizzo
Bella Wheeler ’22 performs her first dance on Varsity Poms at the Back to School Assembly Aug. 16. Poms performed to a remix of Aretha Franklin’s hits, “Freeway of Love,” “Think” and “Respect.” “The cheer and poms dances were my favorite because they were very entertaining and the music was good,” Sofia Appel ‘22 said.
photo by Kira Zizzo
Madeline Ashbeck ’20 performs at her last Back to School assembly with Varsity Poms Aug. 16. Ashbeck lead the team as a Captain her senior year. “It was really great to be able to perform one last time with my team,” Ashbeck said. “I’m really thankful for my team this year, they’re really great people. It was really memorable.”
Student Council member, Josh Woodrow ’21 throws the streamers that he just picked up after the Back to School assembly Aug 16. Stuck with the seniors’ aftermath of flour, confetti, silly string and streamers, Student Council stayed after the assembly and swept up the gym floor.
photo by Izzy Holsman
Seniors pelt Connor Hildebrand ’20 in flour during the Back to School assembly Aug. 16. Hildebrand’s friends later helped him dust off by patting him down, but a majority of the flour landed on him.