Something, Somewhere, Someone

Take a walk through the Gunnison National Forest and be immersed in the synergy that makes Colorado so beautiful.

by Bennett Edlund, Reporter

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Something Growing

A small mountain stream flows downriver, growing little by little via snowmelt, and merging with other streams. As the streams merge and grow, one day it may become a grand river.










Somewhere Enchanting

A small mountain pond reflects the mountains around it. With record snowfall the previous year, ponds, creeks, and lakes are appearing more in more in the west-facing Rockies.










Someone Obscured

The thick pine forests are a perfect shelter from the elements and hunters. With enough room for light and heat to get past, the trees are all too thick for anyone to get through.










Something Powerful

The Rocky Mountains tower to heights up to 14,000 ft inspiring awe on all who look upon them. The Rocky mountains may seem solid, they are still growing day by day (USGS), so one day we may have even more 14ers to climb.





Somewhere Divided

The Continental divide Stands as the point where rivers, and people, start their long journeys to the seven seas. The looming mountains represent a choice, or just dumb luck, for which way water moves










Someone Guiding

Texas creek runs through meadows, mountains, and forests. Creeks such as these act as a gathering point for all sorts of wildlife from bears to beavers.












Somewhere memorable

When standing atop a mountain peak, the beauty of the land starts to settle in. Atop the mountains, the scale of the wilderness around you, you can go for miles without seeing another group of people.



Something Mystical

The wildflowers of the forest are elusive to most but if you can find them, the beauty is unparalleled. While large groups of wildflowers have their own value, one can not overlook the mystical enchantment of even a single flower.










Someone Greater

No matter if you are heading in going home or just passing through, the valley always has a special place in our little blue planet. With uncountable amounts of places like this on our planet and uncountable amounts of planets out there, it stands to reason, that infinite sights like this are out there somewhere. Just trying to comprehend this leads me to the solution: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. 





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