A Student’s Guide to Combatting the RC Plague

Things to do when you when you are infected by the RC Plague and need to stay home.


media by Aiden Hughes

Mr. Winkleman blowing his nose during seventh period in the library.

by Aiden Hughes, Reporter

Don’t you hate it when you wake up with a really bad sickness? Always being too hot or too cold? Here are some tips to spend your day to have fun and get your homework done, if you are not sleeping that is.

The first thing you should do before anything else is making sure that you get something good to eat so your body can get better. A good meal that I like to have when I am sick is any kind of soup.

Then, get all of your homework done for the day so you don’t get stuck with multiple days of homework in one night. A way to get your homework and classwork you missed is to call a friend that you have in that class that can tell you what you missed and what happened. Depending on your teachers’ syllabus Schoolology or google classroom, you will be able to get all of the documents that you need for when you return, you should do this instead of emailing your teachers first.

“I feel like I have to to get my work done because I’m not doing anything I’m sick so it turned in an email on my teachers but they don’t always email me back all the time,” Student Break Dahlgren ’22 said.

After you get everything done, take a nap. This will let your body rest, as well as help you get better faster. Next, since you finished all of your schoolwork, you can do whatever you want to. My favorite as reading a book, playing video games, and ever writing a news article.

Last, you can spend time with your family since you are not spending your whole evening bogged down with homework.

photo by Aiden Hughes
Hand sanitizer and a tissue box are only some of the things you will need when fighting this battle of sickness.