Boys Varsity Tennis Creates a Racket on the Court

Experience a boys varsity tennis practice as they wind up for the fall season.

by Julia Blanchette, Editor

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Warming up before the match begins, Varsity Tennis players Carter Olson ‘22 and Jo Jo Perason ‘21 run practice serves. Both players were partners during their doubles match following the warmup. “The most important thing during a match is to remember to keep moving and stay light on my feet,” Pearson said.

Before all matches begin, coaches introduce both doubles and singles opponents to one another. Opponents are required to shake hands to maintain proper sportsmanship.

Attempting to return a serve, Varsity Tennis Doubles player Jo Jo Pearson ‘21 reaches to strike the ball across the net to the other team. Sept. 5. It was about 94° on the court throughout this match. “My favorite part of this match was when it got close and both people on both teams, have to truly dig deep to win the match,” Pearson said.

Jumping to hit the ball with his racket, Varsity Tennis player Carter Olson ‘22 participates in a Doubles match against Chaparral High School. Sept. 5. The final score of the match was 3-6, 6-0, 6-4. “This was a hard match for my partner and I but we pulled it together even though we didn’t play that good,” Olson said.