Here’s What You’re Donating When You Buy Dinner Tonight: Costa Edition

Monday, Feb. 24’s Dish for a Wish location is Costa Vida, in Lone Tree. How much of what you order will go to Fabian?


media by Daxton Garner

Students wait to order and eat at Costa Vida, as part of the Dish for a Wish event March 4, 2019.

by Kendall Foxworth, Digital Content Editor

Costa Vida is a Mexican based restaurant located near the school in Lone Tree. Students can go to Costa Vida Monday, Feb. 24 for Wish Week. 20% of all menu items will be going to RC Wish Week in support of Fabian’s wish. There are many different meals and sides that you can order either in-store or online. To get directions to Costa Vida, click here.

What meal to get at Costa Vida during Wish Week


  • Sweet Pork Burrito with black beans and green chile sauce 
    • $7.89 (proceeds to wish week: $1.58)


  • Raspberry chipotle chicken salad with tomatillo ranch dressing and black beans
    • Small: $7.99 (proceeds to wish week: $1.60)
    • Regular: $9.39 ( proceeds to wish week: $1.88)


  • Grilled chicken enchiladas with tomatillo-cilantro sauce
    • 1 pc: $5.99 (proceeds to wish week: $1.20)
    • 2 pc: $7.99 (proceeds to wish week: $1.60)


  • Steak tacos on a corn tortilla with pinto beans and a side of honey habanero salsa
    • 1 pc: $7.29 (proceeds to wish week: $1.46)
    • 2 pc: $9.29 (proceeds to wish week: $1.86)


  • Nachos with queso with shredded beef and pinto beans
    • Small: $6.49 (proceeds to wish week: $1.39)
    • Regular: $8.49 (proceeds to wish week: $1.70)


  • Sweet pork quesadilla with a side of roasted green chile sauce and black beans
    • $7.99 (proceeds to wish week: $1.60)

Baja Bowls: 

  • Sweet-pork Baja bowl with roasted green-chile sauce and black beans 
    • $6.99(proceeds to wish week: $1.40)


  • Regular fountain drink: 
    • $2.19 (proceeds to wish week: $0.44)
  • Large fountain drink: 
    • $2.39 (proceeds to wish week: $0.48)


  • Sour cream: $0.50 (proceeds to wish week: $0.10)
  • Guacamole: $0.99 (proceeds to wish week: $0.20)