Doom and Animal Crossing: A Contrast Between Worlds

Two Reviews for Students who Need Something to do

by Matthew Fink, Editor in Chief

     Two weeks ago, March 20, two games released in the midst of a global pandemic — Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

     Despite the same release date and nearly the same hype levels for each game, these two games are actually very different. One game embraces a hardcore metal tone and the other embraces a lighthearted nice tone. However, despite these differences, they are both very good games worth playing.

Doom Eternal Review

     Doom Eternal is a lighthearted, bright game where you go on an adventure to save earth from demons that are corrupting the earth. Doom consists of going from destination to destination to destroy the demonic presence that lurks in each area. Sounds calming, right? Well, the game reinforces a tone of calmness by playing tons of metal music while you go on your crusade against the demons, and also uses the backgrounds of a razed Earth to make you feel like you’re at home. 

Credit: Bethesda (Screenshot via Matthew Fink)

     In all seriousness, Doom Eternal, if you could not tell by the picture, is a brutal game that is not for the faint of heart. However, if you can overcome the overly harsh graphics and animations (which are definitely noticed in one of the game’s core features, glory kills), then this game is actually really fun. 

    When it comes to the story, it picks up where the previous installment, Doom (2016), left off. I never played Doom (2016), but I still felt like I was involved in the story that was being presented in front of me. 

     But the main thing that made the game fun was how much the game makes you a tough, bad-to-the-bone, hardcore guy whose only goal is to destroy demons in the most savage fashion. For example, you can use one of the game’s many weapons to grapple towards an enemy and set them on fire at the same time. 

     This game just wants to make you feel cool, and it definitely does that. 

     The only issue that I have with the game is that occasionally something will just bring you to a halting stop. It may be an enemy, a collectible that you are trying to get, or just confusion of what to do next. These moments can ruin the pacing of the game, however, there were very few of those moments in my playthrough.

     I would definitely suggest playing Doom Eternal to anyone who can handle the excessive gore. This is the definition of an “M” (Mature) rated game, so make sure that you are able to handle it before playing. But the “M” rating is what makes this game special, and I think although not everyone may find this appealing, those who do will be pleasantly surprised.

Doom Eternal Score

9/10: A exhilarating experience for anyone who can handle it.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review

     Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a hardcore, metal game that will shock you to your core. It’s main gameplay features of fishing, exploring, and building are bound to instill fear in any person. In New Horizons, you are put on an empty island with a few other villagers and a raccoon who puts you into debt. 


Scary, I know. 

Credit: Nintendo (Screenshot via Matthew Fink)

     Obviously, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is actually a very kind, heartwarming game that nearly anyone can pick up, kid or adult. The only thing that is scary about Animal Crossing is the amount of debt that you have to handle when you are first put on the island. 

     But New Horizon uses cute graphics of a character that you get to create, alongside lovable other characters (other than the debt-instilling raccoon) to bring you back to the game. What continues to bring me back to the game is my newfound appreciation of the village that I was able to create, and my desire to build up my island further and further. 

     Unlike Doom Eternal, New Horizons does not have a set story, and although there are occasional plot devices that will guide you further into the game, it’s mainly up to you on what you do and what your island becomes. 

     The end of this game only happens when you decide that it’s over, this is because Nintendo is planning on adding new events as time goes on. For example, from April 1. to April. 12., the game is holding the “Bunny Day” event, the first but definitely not last special event. These events also give you the motivation to come back to the game, because if you miss an event, it may not come back until next year. 

     The only thing about this game is that sometimes, especially early game, the game feels especially scripted. In the early parts of the game, you are given the illusion of freedom, but in reality, you are given one task and are supposed to do that task in a certain way. However, once you get past the first couple of days, the game really opens up for you to do whatever you want.

     I definitely recommend Animal Crossing: New Horizons for anyone who has some free time, which seems to be abundant right now, to pick up this game and just have a good time building the island of your dreams

Animal Crossing New Horizons Score

9/10: A nice, calming experience that almost anyone can play.