A Cure to Outdoor Deprivation: A Virtual Tour of Moab

Escape quarantine for a moment through this photo-tour of Moab, UT. As photographer Drew Peters puts it, it’s “one of the most beautiful places” he’s ever visited.

photo by Drew Peters
A view of the two arches that form the Double Arch as seen from the Double Arch Trail.

by Drew Peters, Reporter

During this crazy time in life, many find themselves feeling trapped inside their own homes unable to enjoy the relatively nice weather. Especially those who are particularly outdoorsy like myself, I feel the same way. Luckily I was able to take a trip to Moab, Uath, before the quarantine went into effect.

After going through hundreds of photos from the trip, I have created a “virtual tour” of Arches National Park, one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I hope that these photos are a much needed escape from your homes into the great outdoors that many have come to miss.

Arches National Park 

The beautiful Arches National Park is located right off of I-70 when you enter Moab and costs $35 dollars for a 7-day pass per vehicle. This is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and is great for bikers, hikers, photographers and even rock climbers. The park is home to over 16 different trails varying in difficulty and also dozens of rock formations and arches.

First Stop: Park Avenue (1.0 mi)

Park Avenue is the first hike offered at the park and is filled with towering rock walls and balancing rocks. The hike is great for anyone and has easy paths to follow. The canyon is also filled with twisted Juniper trees and many other types of plants. The hike is also great for photographers as there are many unique rock formations and gives a great idea of just how huge the park is.

Second Stop: Balanced Rock (0.3 mi)

The Balanced Rock is possibly one of the most famous and unique rock formations at the park and also is one of shortest hikes. The trail is easy for all skill levels and is a great spot for both casual and professional photographers.

Third Stop: Windows Trail (1.0 mi)

The Windows Trail is a great trail as it is easily accessible and has three of the parks most famous arches located all within 0.5 miles of trail. The trail can be walked by all skill levels and is especially great if you want to get up close to the arches. This location is great for photographers and I would highly recommend coming at sunset.

Fourth Stop: Double Arch (0.5 mi)

The Double Arch trail is located right next to the Windows trail and contains two arches directly adjacent from one another. The trail is short and easy and goes right underneath the two arches for a spectacular view. This is a great location for photographers as the capturing both arches together is truly breathtaking.

Last Stop: Delicate Arch (3.0 mi)

Unlike the other trails on this tour the Delicate Arch trail is fairly long and pretty difficult as it has a large elevation gain and rocky terrain. Despite the challenges that come with the hike, the arch itself makes it completely worth it. By far the most famous arch in the whole park, the Delicate Arch is unexpectedly massive and frames the La Salle mountains perfectly and is surrounded by canyons.