NBA Playoffs Update


photo by Calvin Edlund

Colin MacArthur catches up on last night’s playoff game Sept. 19. He followed the playoffs since around the time they started. “This has been a really fun tournament to watch and it’s not even over yet,” MacArthur said.

by Calvin Edlund, Reporter

The conference finals of the NBA playoffs are about to kick off and so far the playoffs have been interesting to say the least.

In the west, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to win it all but the Denver nuggets who have managed to upset two series now are looking to come out as the underdogs again. 

On the east side of the bracket the Celtics and the Heat are pitted against each other. The Heat were not expected to do that good but so far have been tearing through the competition while the Celtics who were favorites aren’t gonna make it easy for the Heat to win.

As stated the Heat and Nuggets have had multiple unexpected victories leading up to the current state of the playoffs. It’s safe to say that neither of the teams were expected to make it this far.

The tournament for the Heat started off with a four to zero victory against the pacers. While not a major upset by any means it was surprising to see a shutout on a team that did better than them in the regular season. (Pacers went 45 and 28 while the Heat went 44 and 29)

Following that match the Heat beat number one seat Milwaukee Bucks four to one. A team that probably shouldn’t have won in the first round nearly dominated the projected winner of the whole tournament.

On the lower side of the bracket the Celtics have come out on top. The first games on that side of the bracket had both Boston and Toronto shutting out their opposing teams.

This led to the Celtics Raptors series. It was close but the celtics came out on top winning in game seven.

Although the series ended up with the Celtics winning it started planting doubts in peoples head over if the Celtics could beat the Heat.

Most recently, in the conference finals, the Heat won their first game by three points against the celtics. How this series unfolds is unknown as of now but many people think it could go either way.

I asked people around the school what they thought was gonna happen in this series.

Ben Schriefer said, “The heat got this in 5.”

On the other hand Colin MacArthur said, “It could really go either way. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the series turns out.”

In the west the nuggets have made an unprecedented run catching many people off guard. They came back from a three one deficit versus the jazz and again versus the clippers.

Both times they have looked like they were about to lose and players such as Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray have been able to step up in big ways. Although they have been winning, they have not been as convincing as other teams leading them to still be considered the underdogs by a pretty big portion.

Their opponents in the conference finals are the Los Angeles Lakers. They have won both series four to one and have looked very good most of this season. 

It’s safe to say that the Lakers have a good chance of winning this series. That being said, we’ve already seen the Nuggets upset tems twice.

When I asked people around the school about this series I got some expected results.

Ben Schriefer said, “I think the nuggets are gonna take this series.”

Similarly Colin MacArthur said, “I’m Cheering for the nuggets and I think they can win the series.”

Although the tournament has already been very interesting, it could end up getting better from here and it’s surely something to keep your eyes on.