Back to School Supply List: Virtual Learning Edition

This back-to-school list will inform you on all of the supplies that will help you be a successful student while working from home this school year.


media by K. Foxworth

Lindsay Dewar’22 logs into her zoom classes and checks Canvas to attend her online classes at her house Oct. 8. Dewar worked with earbuds to limit distractions and focus on her work.

by Kendall Foxworth and Lola Boushelle

Under normal circumstances, students are heading to their local Target to replenish the basic back-to-school essentials like folders, pens, pencils, and calculators. Although these are still necessary school supplies, our lists are looking different this year as we have to adjust to the hybrid learning schedule. These five products will make your virtual learning experience easier and as bearable as possible. 


An electronic device: 

A computer or tablet is one of the most fundamental supplies for students participating in virtual learning, as our only means of communication with teachers and other peers are through zoom calls, emails, and documents. Having access to any device right now is very critical to be successful this school year. 

“I usually don’t have time for breakfast, so I log onto my first classes and start on my assignments,” Remy Arnold ‘23 said. 

Samsung Chromebook 


Headphones or earbuds: 

One of the biggest problems students face while working from home is tuning out the distractions and staying focused on their work. Students are dragged away from their tasks by phone notifications, loud family members, video games, and so much more. Headphones will help motivate students to get their work done without the interruptions they feel they can’t escape. 

“Working with headphones allows me to pay more attention to my work, helping me get my stuff done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Madison Friar ‘22 said. 

Apple Earbuds 


A desk: 

It’s important to think about getting a desk during this school year to secure an organized workspace and become a more productive student. Getting a desk will allow you to work more efficiently as it could be super easy to get distracted if you normally work in your bed or at your kitchen counter. 

“Working at a desk has automatically made me become a better student,” Darcy Kessler ‘22 said. “I’m a lot more organized and get so much more stuff done than I used to, working on my kitchen counter.”

Computer Desk 


A Daily planner: 

Keeping a planner is a very useful strategy to help students remember due dates and keep their days planned out. Writing down assignments is especially important for students who struggle with procrastination and time management. 

“If I didn’t use a planner, I would lose track of all of my assignments and would be constantly stressed because I would end up putting off all of my work,” Taylor Adams ‘22 said.  

2020-21 Weekly and Monthly Planner 


A time-marked water bottle:

This is an easy and creative way to stay hydrated during the day, which is super important right now because of how easy it is to forget to keep refilling your water bottle. Not drinking enough water will lead you to feel tired and unmotivated to do schoolwork, but this technique will help you avoid that feeling. 

“I never remember to drink water throughout the school day, so having a water bottle that reminds me how much I should be drinking and when would be very helpful,” Lindsay Dewar ‘22 said. 

Water bottle with a time marker


Adapting to online learning has been challenging for everyone, but having these products will help you become a more organized, proficient, and successful student in the easiest way possible.