This or That? The Official Thanksgiving Questionnaire

A look inside the most popular Thanksgiving customs for students at RCHS.

by Luka Owen, Reporter

Thanksgiving season is one meant to be spent with those we love and to express gratitude for all that is given to us. Various Thanksgiving festivities hold all different meanings depending on who you ask, because everyone has their own specific way of celebrating. 

To look deeper into the most popular Thanksgiving preferences, we have created a list of ten rapid-fire questions to ask twenty RCHS students which Thanksgiving traditions they value most. Here is the breakdown of the collected data for all ten questions:


Question #1: Do you travel or stay home for Thanksgiving?

“I prefer travelling because none of my family is from Colorado, so it is the best way to get everyone together.” -Ty Hall ‘21


Question #2: Do you celebrate with just immediate family, or immediate and extended family?

“On Thanksgiving day I celebrate with my immediate family, but usually the next day we will have another dinner with cousins and grandparents and family friends.” -Adrienne Markey ‘21


Question #3: Would you rather watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or NFL football?

“I like to watch NFL football on Thanksgiving because my grandpa and stepdad watch it with me every year and it’s the only time we get to do that.” -Ty Hall ‘21


Question #4: Would you rather eat turkey or ham as a main course?

“I would have to go for turkey. It just makes for more of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.” -Will Jenkins ‘22


Question #5: Do you prefer regular or sweet potatoes?


“I think sweet potatoes are better because you can use them in a dessert or a savory entree.” -Isabel Kiefert ‘21


Question #6: Do you prefer pumpkin or pecan pie for dessert?

“I would definitely say pumpkin pie. My mom makes the same one every single year. She puts so much time into it and it is by far one of my favorite desserts that she makes.” -Ryan Kennedy ‘21


Question #7: Do you eat your Thanksgiving meal for lunch or dinner?

“We always do Thanksgiving dinner at my house, but it starts at around four and goes pretty late.’’ -Adrienne Markey ‘21


Question #8: Do you dress up or dress casual on Thanksgiving?

“I would say dress up for sure. Thanksgiving is more of a formal holiday. It is a special occasion, so dressing up is more of a tradition in my family.” -Ryan Kennedy ‘21


Question #9: Do you only eat one plate or go back for seconds?

“You always have to go back for seconds to make all of the waiting worth it.” -Will Jenkins ‘22


Question #10: The morning after Thanksgiving, do you sleep in or go Black Friday shopping?

“I will definitely be sleeping in, I will do my shopping on Cyber Monday instead.” -Isabel Kiefert ‘21